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The Weekly Tweak?

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  • The Weekly Tweak?

    Has anyone felt the need for a weekly system tweak to keep it from becoming stale? Not necessarily a thorough revamp; just a slight tweak to reinstate GTD excitement.

    When I first started to mind map projects and areas of focus, it felt absolutely great. But when I repeated it the next week, it was already dull, and I needed something new again. I gather this is why I visit this forum a lot. Iím on the look out for ideas for my weekly tweak.

    Maybe thatís a reason one of DAís points in his weekly review checklist is to think of new, hare-brained, risk-taking ideas to add to the system - for invigoration as well as improvement.

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    Doing Mini Reviews


    I wouldn't say I do any major tweaking, but I do do mini reviews whenever things get crazy (like today!) and I need to get back to zero and confirm that I'm moving in the right direction.

    For me, it looks like this:

    *Check my calendar and make sure I'm still on top and on time;
    *Depending on where I am, check my context list so I'm not mssing anything important;
    *Some days I'll even do a quick Mind Sweep to clear up the clutter that's gathered from my appointments, meetings, calls, or projects. That may be in my Notetaker Wallet, my Treo, or in a Rollo letter-sized notebook I keep on my desk for capture purposes.

    If I can hold the world back for a few minutes, I'll take the stuff I've captured and add them into my MacBook Pro or into my Treo, depending on location. That way I'm clear and don't have to wonder if everything is in my trusted system at days' end.


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      Nope, don't have this problem, personally. Maybe I'm just dull.


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        This is one reason why I use an inexpensive on-paper system. I re-write a few of the index cards every week whether I really need to or not, to prevent the "staleness" from setting in.


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          Originally posted by LJM View Post
          This is one reason why I use an inexpensive on-paper system. I re-write a few of the index cards every week whether I really need to or not, to prevent the "staleness" from setting in.
          If I don't have any new tweaks, I resort to rewriting some pages too. That's one reason I also use an inexpensive paper system, filofax. Still, tweaks feel a lot better. Even if it's just using a different colored pen for a new code.


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            artwork. I do add art. like the ancients did in their churches and temples -if it is special and holy, it gets art.

            for example cover pages like covers for books or music albums. or ascii-art titles. special typesetted templates that empahsize the underlying functions better. color schemes. and so on.


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              During my Weekly Review I try to change the Desktop background on all my computers and on my Treo as well. I often change my IM image, too, just to spice things up. Pathetic but it works for me.


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                Great thread!

                I use a paper system so I re-write my most used lists every week. That gives me the feeling of a fresh start. Then I ask myself if there is anything that I wish I was doing that I'm not currently working on. Usually that is the start to new projects or tasks.

                Another odd thing I do is to write my lists in a different colored pen every week. Then when I add to them, I use a different color than the original color so it is very obvious what is getting "old."

                When I'm really desperate, I do my weekly review in a different place/time. That also helps.


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                  I so need to hear this!

                  One thing I am learning by reading this forum is that I am not an oddball or nuts. It is so refreshing to hear that others have so many of the same problems I do---and knowing that helps me to say, okay, and keep tweaking and keep going. And I am making progress. You read a book and it seems so slick and easy and cool and then I dig in and find that when I am doing it as opposed to the writer (David) of the book, it's a whole different thing. That's what learning is all about I guess. But I go so numb to things, and I love hearing these ideas. Thanks a bunch. Trish


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                    While I do think it's important to keep your system from getting "boring", there is something to be said for letting it graft it's way into your subconscious.

                    When I first started GTD (not long ago, maybe 3-4 months) I was constantly looking for new cool ways to implement it and it began to get in the way of actually doing anything on my lists!

                    The trick here, I think, is to strike a balance between system freshness and not having to retrain yourself on a different process every week. Once a minor tweak requires a change of habit and procedure, it should be evaluated more carefully before being added to your core system (changes like this are often necessary, for sure, but they need to be weighed against your ultimate goal of productivity).

                    Hope that makes sense, Cheers!