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Mindmap / Flowchart of the GTD System

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  • Mindmap / Flowchart of the GTD System

    I recently created a mindmap/flowchart of GTD with MindManager. It's a large map, but I found it helpful to have a bird's eye view of the entire system. In case anyone finds it helpful, the link is here. Comments are welcome.

    (Please note that these are not my ideas, this mindmap is unofficial and is provided for educational purposes only, and I encourage you to visit and/or buy Getting Things Done.)
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    Any chance of the Mindmanager file, instead of just the jpeg? This would be helpful.



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      I have to admit I have had a really hard time getting into MindMapping. But, this one looks like it could be very helpful! Thanks!

      I am going to print this out and take a look to see if perhaps I should add it to my GTD binder/arsenal.

      Can someone please reiterate to me the pros of mindmapping and how and why you use them? (Sorry, didn't mean to hijack your thread, jschwimmer.) Sometimes they seem like they're good to capture how you're thinking of something in one moment or one day, but the next day you could go back and just have to try to re-figure out what you were thinking. Maybe I just haven't fully "got it" yet.

      Thanks again!


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        Thanks for the link, and special thanks for the other stuff on the site. As a veteran medical editor I found the hilarious journal articles so entertaining that they threaten to become a serious obstacle to Getting Things Done.


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          GTD Mindmap / Flowchart

          By popular request, I've now also posted a printable PDF file.