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Google Desktop and storing reference emails

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  • Google Desktop and storing reference emails

    I used to have a very large and complex folder structure for saving my old reference emails with a folder for each of my clients, each of my partners, for different topics, etc. But I found that it was fairly inefficient as often emails could go into multiple folders as the categories had overlap. But this year I made a radical decision to keep all old reference emails in a single folder called "Reference Items". I have done this because I use Google Desktop to index and search things on my computer (including Outlook email) and it is quite easy to enter the appropriate keywords and quickly find the email I am looking for. Now, if the email doesn't have any actions associated with it but I want to keep it for reference I just plop it into the "Reference Items" folder and I am confident that I can find it again if need be. It makes operating at zero emails much easier becaue I don't waste time deciding where to put the email and creating new folders for new clients, etc.


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    I've been doing this for a while, although my folder is called Archives.

    I do have a few folders used to sort incoming mail, and a few others that act as project support material, but the complex folder structure I used to have is a thing of the past.


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      Originally posted by Jeff Kelley View Post
      But this year I made a radical decision to keep all old reference emails in a single folder called "Reference Items".
      Some nice tips for doing this with OUtlook can be found here:

      Tom S.


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        MS Search does the same for me.

        I tried the Google Desktop search for a while, but wasn't that crazy about it.
        As I recall my objection at the time was the web-search it would or could do at the same time (the idea is to include Gmail, or other webmail accounts at the same time I guess). I'm sure I could have customized it to make it work better, but I just dumped it.

        Microsoft has an add-on search bar for outlook that accomplishes the same thing without searching the web.

        But to be more inline with the post. One reference folder is definitely the way to go! For things that I know I'll only need once or twice in the near future I don't even bother with moving the email to reference, I just delete it and leave it there for future use.

        With the MS search bar it makes finding it a snap.


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          Google Desktop and Lotus Notes

          Does anyone know if Google Desktop will search Lotus Notes e-mail files?

          I would love to dump my complex folder system, as it slows down my notes file, but the search on Notes is not great. I would love to be able to convert to only a few reference folders and just use another search engine to find old stuff.



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            To my knowledge Google desktop only search your PC's hard drive. So if your lotus e-mail files are stored on the server, the answer is unlikely. Though you could try and see what happens.

            For Apple uses, OS X (10.4) provides a built in search facility called spotlight. Works reasonable well and quickly.


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              Another option for super-spiffy, real-time search on the Mac is Quicksilver. A very cool app that has tons of plugins for various types of data.

              How is Lotus Notes configured to store the messages? As Rebuild mentioned, if they're stored somewhere not on your machine, searching them could be difficult. Though, you may be able to use a network drive mapping and tell Google Desktop to search there for things, too. I'd need to know a bit more about your setup to give a more detailed recommendation.