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Tip: Rubber band your razor handle

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  • Tip: Rubber band your razor handle

    Here's another tip for the list of dumb, dorky little things that actually work.

    After reading David Allen's post about rubber-banding charged batteries, I decided to do something similar with my razor. I've figured that I can usually get five good shaves from my Gillette Fusion Power razor before the blade is too dull for further use. Considering that a 4-pack costs over $13, I want to get every last use out of each blade.

    To accomplish this, I bought a pack of tiny rubber bands in the hair care section of my local Wal-Mart pharmacy and put five on the bottom of the handle. Each time I use the razor I remove a band from the razor handle and set it aside in a designated place. When they are all gone, I change the blade and put all five bands back on the handle. Simple!

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    This is different than my method. I call mine the "use it until it rips a hole in your face" method. There are certainly some negative points to it, but it is very low maintenance!


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      One a week

      I find I usually get about 5 good shaves, and I can stretch to 6 or 7 if necessary, so I find for me that seeing as I try not to shave on the weekends if I don't have to, as long as I change the blade every Monday morning, its all good.


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        Both of the methods you mentioned generally do work, but I have found they have their drawbacks.

        The first method leads to skin irritatation and, worst of all, painful in-grown hairs. The second method works great provided you stick to a perfect regimen. Though I shave regularly, sometimes I skip a day or two if my face feels irritated or I'm not getting the quality shave that I want. Letting the hairs grow out a little enables the blade to cut the softer part of the hair rather than the hard, wire-wispy edges. If I replace my blade every Friday, I wouldn't get all of the maximum uses out of each blade if I go off schedule.

        Of course, everyone has to do what works for them. I was only sharing what I found works for me.


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          shaving is really a personal preference kind of thing, like chocolate or vanilla.

          my chocolate is wet shaving with an "old fashioned" double edge razor. imo superior overall shaves compared to multiblade devices, and the ongoing cost of blades is much less (maybe $15-20 per year compared to $150 or so per year).

          much information at and if anyone is interested.

          great idea about the bands, btw!