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  • Store Receipts

    I am looking for feedback on how you organize your store receipts. There are times when we have to go back and find a receipt to make a return.

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    "Receipts" folder in your A-Z system.

    Put all such receipts in the "Receipts" folder in your A-Z system. You can use separate envelopes for each month to make purging easier.


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      How to store your store receipts

      See Kellly's blog at

      I've started using this approach. I bought three sandwich boxes one for "Receipts 2007", one for "Receipts 2006", and one for "Receipts MISC" that were older than 2006.

      It's working fine so far!



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        Store Receipts

        If it is a big purchase, an electrical gadget or the receipt is also the guarantee I file it along with the instruction booklets in my A-Z. Otherwise in a similar way to the other posters.



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          Store Receipts

          Thank you for your comments. Since we have a number of returns, we were looking at filing by Store name. We were previously filing by month using an accordian type receipt file, but receipts were still difficult to find and possibly misplaced. Implementing GTD at home is a lot more difficult then at work.


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            How can you have such high number of returns?

            Originally posted by amelei View Post
            Since we have a number of returns, we were looking at filing by Store name.
            Just curious, how can you have such high number of returns, that it needs separate filing system?

            Are you buying low quality goods or is your purchasing process emotional?


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              I file by month using an accordion file, BUT keep all financial records in Quicken. In addition to its other virtues, the (searchable) Quicken register serves as an index to the paper receipts.

              Really big purchases -- cars, the house -- get their own file, but otherwise this system works fine. Even when I need to check the receipt for something I bought two years ago to see if it is still under warranty.



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                We pay for pretty much everything with a major credit card. At the end of the day, any credit card slips collected during the day are thrown into the back of one file folder. (Throwing them in the back keeps the folder sorted chronologically.) If the receipt is going to be tax deductible, we note that on the receipt before putting it in the file.

                When credit card statements come in, we pull the file and match each item on the statement with the credit card slip. Any slip that is tax deductible gets put in a file labeled "Tax Deductible 2007" (or whatever the current year is). All of the other receipts get stapled to the statement, and we pay the bill.

                There is a reference folder for each credit card we have. Once the bill is paid, the statement goes in the back of the file for that credit card.

                We do not have to pull old receipts tat often, so we want a system that minimizes filing time, and what we have has worked beautifully since the Reagan administration. If we do have to pull a receipt, it's just a matter of thinking what card it would be on (which is not hard because we have one major credit card we use and then my wife has some individual store credit cards) and about when we bought it. We pull a couple of statements and scan the statement until we find the item. The receipt is going to be stapled to that statement. If it's not, it can only mean one thing--it's tax deductible and is going to be in the Tax Deductible 2007 and in order chronologically.


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                  How I store receipts

                  I have a separate lockbox for storing financial information, including three months worth of receipts. Also, on my desktop, I have one of those file sorters that one might use to keep active project files at the ready. In one slot, I keep an envelope into which receipts for the current month go. I keep the receipts stored in dated order. When a new month begins, I put the envelope into the lockbox and replace it with a new envelope for the next month. I only keep three envelopes in that lockbox so when a new one goes in, the oldest comes out. I then take it to the office for confidential disposal.

                  If I have a receipt that I want to keep for the life of a particular product, I make a file for it in my general reference system. Often times I staple it to the instruction manual if I have already made a file for it.


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                    Everything is recorded in Quicken, and the receipts are filed chronologically in 'Leitz' binders. If I know the date of a purchase (easy to find on the PC) I know where to look for the receipt.