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Checklist or @Waiting For?

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  • Checklist or @Waiting For?

    I'm in sales. I have a list of key customers that I'd like to track weekly. During weekly review I'd add actions to follow up on each. It looks like it's easier to keep the list of the customers at @Waiting For folder (waiting on info regarding new project or particular project). On the other hand it could be a checklist but it's not easy to use because in this case I can't use the time while driving or waiting for a meeting to make the calls. What do you think?


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    Not sure I completely understand, Eugene. To me your checklist of customers sounds very reasonable. In fact, I'd just call it a project list! After all, each has a goal (make the sale, keep the customer happy, get additional leads, etc.) and requires multiple steps to bring to fruition. And having a waiting for active is totally valid.

    They might be on-going, in which case the action might simply be to review their file, or follow-up with a call if there's been enough time since the last one. In this case, it might make sense to leave them on a separate customer list that you review weekly. You could also do this via a tickler, e.g., every month follow up with a call or card.

    Don't know if that helps... Interesting question.


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      From my perspective: the @waiting for list is a list of items that you are waiting answers for. On the other hand a checklist is a series of related steps that completes a task.

      So turning to your question I would suggest the following:

      1] If you have 'projects' outstanding with your key customers then the @waiting for list is the correct place to park them.

      2] On the other hand those key customers that have no current projects with answers etc outstanding should be tracked via a 'new list'. A 'master list' of clients may be the best option. During the weekly review you would scan that list noting those clients that have no work and make a decision (do nothing or contact them and attempt to generate business). This process could be via a checklist.

      Remember DA recommends that you keep the edges of your lists clearly defined and don't commingle items!
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