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Handling day-specific actions on the Palm

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  • Handling day-specific actions on the Palm

    This question may sound very basic, but I'd like to know how people handle the day-specific actions that you place on your calendar as an "all-day event". Once you complete a day-specific action, do you delete the calendar entry, leave it there, or do something else with it? I'd like to know what most people do. Thanks!

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    I use tasks

    Originally posted by ellobogrande View Post
    ...I'd like to know how people handle the day-specific actions that you place on your calendar as an "all-day event".
    I don't use all-day events, unless they're actually all day events (like an all-day meeting). I keep my actions on tasks/todos. I have a "tickler" category for tasks that works quite well.



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      I use 'em all the time, I have a bunch just for this week: "Kids off school", "Tax Day", "Library books due", "Payday". I generally leave them there so that when I look back over my calendar I remember what was going on that day. The "repeat" feature is useful too, for example "Kids off school" was 7 weekdays, payday is every two weeks, Tax day is annual.

      These are "hard landscape" items that don't have a specific time associated with them -- I can return my library books anytime Sunday -- but they have to be done that specific day.


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        Delete Most of Them

        I use Outlook Appointments marked All Day (same idea) and tend to delete most of them.

        I also take the extra time to double-check whether there is anything actionable based on that deleted item. Did I take some action or go somewhere?

        Occasionally I will leave something behind (e.g. birthday or The Masters golf tournament) but delete most.



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          I leave them on the calendar if they are reminders, like tax day or kids off of school that day. If they are just discrete tasks like "Call Joe" I usually delete them when they are done to reduce clutter.

          There is normally no need to track or store actions that are completed.


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            I use them heavily. My problem was I didn't want to see them if they were done. So I played with deleting them. Actually it's Ok and I didn't miss anything because of that. But frankly I think it would be nice if there were some kind of backlog (like completed tasks view) because it could act like a trigger for new ideas when checking the previous calendar data.

            Any ideas out there how to delete them but be able to reconstruct the history at WR?


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              Datebook 6

              I use Datebk6 as a replacement to the built-in to-do and calendar apps. In DateBk6 - there's an option to turn a all-day event into a to-do and vice-versa. So I just convert the all-day task to a to-do and mark it as complete.

              (For those who are already using DB6 - it actually converts the all-day event to a "Float" and then it's just one click to convert it to an ordinary to-do).

              If you haven't tried DateBk - it's really worth giving a go - since you can see many more appointments/memos/to-dos on a single page - especially with the higher-resolution newer Palms - e.g. the T|X. I think you can download it and give it a 30-day trial for free.

              HTH - J.


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                all day or untimed?

                I only make something all day that is going to require my participation all day. Usually I just have several untimed events, some meetings or appointments on specific days noted. Regardless, if there is useful information I need to note, I will (such as other party no-showed, or that I have a something I need to bring with me). If it is a day specific to do and I fail to do it, I have to move the item but in truth I don't always. I am not prefect. By the way, many of these notes are just info about that day regarding other people's whereabouts or changes in hours or routes. It can be useful to have this info. If someone says, last Thursday I gave you the adgenda and you have a note that he or she was having their tonsils out that day...or your kid says I have no homework and you have a note that it is exam week...


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                  ok, what would you do if you promised to call someone Tuesday but not at any specific time then?


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                    Originally posted by Borisoff View Post
                    ok, what would you do if you promised to call someone Tuesday but not at any specific time then?
                    I make a task with a due date of Tuesday and place it in @Calls. I review my NAs every day, so I'm not likely to miss it.


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                      To call someone on Tues at an unspecific time:

                      If this is an easy person to reach and I can see no real stumbling blocks I would put call Mrs. X on Tuesay on my date book with no time or if I think a certain time is good, I would put it in for that time as well as an untimed entry (because these are at the top of myl ittle Palm's screen). I would verify that I have her phone number and I might copy it to Tuesday and put next to her name. If my day seems to be getting crowded, I might also give this an appt. time.

                      If this is super, super important and there is no fall back time, and the person can be hard to reach and my life is such that calling can be hard, I might take specific actions to ensure that I have phone access on Tuesday, and can receive a call back. If this is a phone appt and there is any chance of a mistake, I might call or e-mail the Friday before or on Monday to verify that she is expecting my call and to make sure that she has my various numers just in case I can't reach her. If there are time zone issues I would try to determine them and if so, I might make this a timed appt. on the calendar.


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                        If you want an untimed event to "disappear" from your Palm calendar without being deleted, you could change it's date. Maybe change each one to yesterday upon completion. That will flush them out of your today view but you will still have a record of having done it and you will know the day it was done (by adding one day to its new location).

                        Of course, before doing that you would want to clear all of these kinds of items from yesterday by either moving them back if complete or moving them forward as appropriate.


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                          Identifing All day Tasks as Done

                          I regularly use my outlook calander to enter tasks that need to get done on a specific day and use an all day appt to do this. This means that my calendar has all my appointments for the day and then the must do tasks. There are usually no more than 5 as i only put in those things that really must get done. Once they are completed, i change the colour of the appt so i can see that it is completed when i look back at the week on my weekly review.


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                            Barry, sounds nice. I will SM that


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                              I use my Palm only for future events and regularly delete all old entries.