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Ninja Project management and some random ideas I thought about . . .

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  • Ninja Project management and some random ideas I thought about . . .

    Good morning, how many of you feel like they are at a Ninja level of gtd and project managements ? are any projects next actions falling through the cracks or is everything pretty much on auto pilot with your thought reasoning as far determining project outcome and getting the next actions done ?

    Myself, after 4 years, I'm still a black-brown belt if that belt even exists in martial arts, sometimes in the zone other times I'm out but what I've found is that it takes me a lot less time to get things in control when I fall, does that happen to you guys/gals ? I've toyed with software all 4 years and that little voice in your head that tells you my setup is not foolproof yet try a different software and times passes, next actions just sit there and you end up not getting things done because you've been to busy setting up your system, recently I discovered todomatrix(a Blackberry application) and I'm happy it seems to be able to hold most of my thoughts, next actions, projects, ideas, in the end I've realized that there is no piece of software to handle your 1000 miles/hour brain but everyone is different but the principles don't change, thanks god for Gtd and keeping it simple, I've learned my lesson, stick to the basic and what works. I also discovered Idea Matrix from the same developers as Todo Matrix and I've setup a category(folder in their language) called Stickies and wow what a difference, a thought comes by, straight to my Sticky category for processing later, anyway I've emptied my thoughts for now, I just wanted to share with you guys.

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    I think that is a challenge many of us face...or more accurately, put upon ourselves.

    I've gone back and forth between software apps like Outlook to the more traditional like the Hipster PDA. When I'm tired of staring at a computer screen, I go to the Hipster PDA. I enjoy the tactile feel of pen and paper.

    However, I really enjoy the adaptability of Outlook and gadgets like the Blackberry and Windows-based PDAs. I prefer to keep things streamlined so it's nice to have my ever-changing list of contacts and calendar managed electronically. So for now, electronic manages everything and my "Amish PDA" is relegated to a capture device while I'm on the road or training for an event.