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GTD on Linux?

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  • GTD on Linux?

    Are there any GTDers out there who use Linux? I know there is an Outlook clone. Does it work just just as well as Outlook itself with regard to GTD?. Or are there other Linux compatible applications that work well?

    Without going off on a tangent on the merits or otherwise of Windows/Linux/Macs, as I imagine there are numerous other forums for that subject, what are people's experience of GTD with Linux? Or aren't there any?


    PS Just posted this and now I realise this should be in the Tools/Gadgets categories. If anyone knows how to move it please tell me. Apologies if not possible.
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    I use this (scroll down for screenshots):

    To study the fundamental differences in the computing paradigms of Mac/Win and *nix on the other hand I recommend the writngs of Eric Raymond.

    Random observations
    Basically all Linux people I know do use platform independent stuff like web apps or textfiles and so on. One uses OpenOffice. The Nokia 770 seems to have some kind of a Blackberry-former-Palm status in those circles. The only Linux-specific hack for GTD I have ever heard of are custom displays on the toolbar/dock/launchbar-thing on the desktop. For example a tiny calendar with top-urgent tasks or some sort of input-widgets.