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  • Mindmanger & GTD

    I have been reviewing Mindmanager and I would like input other users on the following questions?

    1) How do you incorporate Minmanager into the GTD methodology?
    2) Do you find it godd productivity tool?
    3) I am in sales. Has anyone else used it to shorten the sales cycle? If so How?



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    I'd like to hear the answers to this one myself. Mind Manager looks like it would suit me quite well...


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      Mindmanager and GTD

      Mindmanager is a great tool that I've been using for years. To really get the benefits, you should try out an add-on called Resultsmanager. It has a shallow learning curve, but is well worth it.


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        How are you using it

        Originally posted by DTW View Post
        Mindmanager is a great tool that I've been using for years. To really get the benefits, you should try out an add-on called Resultsmanager. It has a shallow learning curve, but is well worth it.
        How are you using Mindmanager?



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          How do I use Mindmanager?

          So, I use Mindmanager (MM) for a variety of things. But recently, since I purchased ResultsManager (RM) to run on top of Mindmanager, my usage has changed tremendously.

          How? Well, I use MM to brainstorm and plan projects by mindmapping them out. I then use RM to automatically create dashboards from my captured actions. The RM design philosophy is GTD, so the dashboards are perfect for periodic reviews as well as next action lists.

          It took me a little while to come up to speed with RM, but it is well worth it. My advice would be to visit and give the free try a spin.


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            So many uses for this app

            MindManager is one of my "all day sucker" applications. No matter whether I 'm working on my Tablet PC or my MacBook, I have it open and use it for:
            • Brainstorming
            • Project definition and tracking
            • Mapping out writing projects
            • Planning travel
            • Creating meeting agendas
            • Creating presentations
            • Performing research (RSS and web links)
            and more.

            I have used ResultsManager in the past - it's a great system if you're ready to embrace maps as your dashboard environment. Me? I'm an Outlook (or Mail/iCal) type and so I prefer to use MindManager as an auxiliary, rather than a primary tool. I have a map that defines my higher altitudes, one for each of my major projects, etc. They're all accessed from a master map that I use to launch the application.

            I've been working this system for a couple of years and it has served me well. I'm rarely tempted by new distractions and have been very successful at falling into the "tweak the system" cycle so many GTD'ers (myself included) are prone to. Despite all of the very attractive Mac GTD apps that have cropped up recently, I have stuck with this setup and have only added one tool to the mix - a web-based list manager called VitaList which syncs up nicely with iCal and provides access on my mobile devices (a UMPC, a Nokia N800, a Treo 700p, and a Nokia N93).

            Did I mention I'm a gadget freak


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              Over the past months I've made a tour from Outlook to paper to MindManager.

              For me, MM is by far the easiest, smoothest as well as visually pleasing setup.

              I use one main map for GTD. The map contains 10-50 thousand feet levels and the Runway.

              I find RM a kind of drag. A bit too heavy. I use GyroQ to capture thoughts, ideas, actions etc. and send them to my map either at the end of the day or beginning of the next.

              I map increasingly. I map research, projects, notes, phone calls, process flows, etc.

              Would buy it again. Highly recommended.


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                SalesDave -

                To specifically answer your questions.

                In my business, in one of my segments, I used a master mind map to capture the status of all of our growth targets. Based on the architecture of the map, it was built around a hierarchy of segment and geographic territory. I can easily explode and highlight any rep, any customer, any territory. I used it as a capture tool whenever we discussed any of these targets.

                It has over 150 individual customers on it, so there is no way to ever really print it, but imagine my sales managers surprise when I can instantly "remember" the status of any of these targets on the phone and ask them about the status of a trial which they mentioned to me 2 months ago. Additionally, when a "Big Dog" target comes up, it is easy to flag / tag these with an icon flag and powerfilter on those flags during your weekly reviews for follow up. This is one way to use it to shorten the close cycle.

                Because it is inherently free form, it is ultimately flexible. Trust me, you will wonder how you lived without it prior.

                MINDMANAGER ROCKS!!
                RUN OUT AND BUY IT NOW!!

                (i'm not an employee, just a satisfied user)


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                  Here's my jouney with MindManager:

                  I tried using it as my only Projects manager, but then I discovered that I couldn't sync it back with my Treo lists. Bummer! I need to have my Projects list with me wherever I go, so I had to copy all my Projects back to Entourage so they synced with my Treo. How does David get around this challenge?

                  I use MM for major projects that need fairly heavy front-end planning. I put a placeholder for the project in my Treo with See MM in the notes field so I know to go there to review the project.

                  All Next Actions from the MM go on my NA lists.

                  We are in the middle of negotiating on acquring a new church building for our congregation. In the last meeting with the present owners, I used only the MM to lead the entire meeting. It worked incredibly well!