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  • Getting back on track

    Hi there

    I started on the GTD track at the start of the year and have managed to keep things relatively on track with only a few slips ups, so I am a real newbie. My issue now is that I have just returned from three weeks holiday where I did not think about anything but 'the moment' for the entire time. During the holiday I unfortunately broke my foot (slowed me down a bit but the holiday was still great).

    I work for myself from home with only a couple of clients at the moment, my intention when I left for holidays was that on my return I would start trying to gain more clients. I am not a great marketer and now with my broken foot I have limited mobility so am not sure how to get this kick started. I also just need to get kick started with getting back to doing the things I had on my GTD lists and getting back into the GTD habit again.

    Any suggestions for how I can get things kick started again, I know that DA says that your GTD system needs to work even when you are sick - a broken foot is not 'sick' so much more frustrating and limiting (we have a manual vehicle) - but even so I am finding it difficult to get back to it.

    PS I have a paper based system - moleskine pocket calendar + moleskine lined that I record all NA's, Projects, SM's (Moleskine is tabbed for each)

    Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


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    I've never even met most of my clients, and conduct most business by phone or email.

    Whether that's feasible for you depends on the nature of your work, of course. Still, you might look at this as an opportunity to focus on virtual marketing of various kinds: improve your web page, put together that electronic newsletter you've been trying to find time for, work through your list of prospecting phone calls, etc.

    Good luck, and heal quickly,



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      I'd start with a thorough Weekly Review (which includes a Mind Sweep) and then begin processing all my @Calls and @Computer-type lists. This is also a good time to look at your Higher Levels of Focus (20,000'-50,000') to make sure you have captured all the Projects and Next Actions nested in there.

      Have fun and keep us posted on what you're doing and how it's going, okay?
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        Hi Kim. Sorry about your injury! Just a few quick suggestions. First, do a brain dump to get back on top. Second, work through your inboxes so you know what's come into your life while you were away. Finally, regarding clients, make a project ("get more clients!"), and activate at least one action so that progress is being made. If you're new, maybe get a book on marketing from the library, take a course from the local univ/college, or make an appointment with someone you know who could help.


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          Brain Dump

          I second the suggestion of doing a brain dump to get back on track. Just write down everything you can think of that has to get done. Don't worry if it's something you already have in your trusted system; just get it down. Once you've cross-referenced it against your NA / Project list, you'll be ready to go.

          As for the injury, maybe you can determine which categories you can / can't do (e.g., @phonecall = okay, @errands = not okay), partition these, and see if you can come up with alternative temporary categories.

          Or a methodical approach:
          • @errand: pick up dry cleaning
          • @phonecall: call my good friend to see if they can pick up dry cleaning

          Good luck and get well soon!


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            I'm trying to get things done properly my way. I guess GTD will help more.

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