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Off: clients list grouping

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  • Off: clients list grouping

    Maybe it's off-topic but anyway related to my system tune-up. I have quite a big clients list (500 inputs). I'm in sales and would like to systemize my approach to calling/meeting them. Can you suggest what kind of grouping could be helpful. At the moment I think about different layout like:

    - Type of management (directly or through direct reports...)
    - Type of customer (decision or influencer etc..)
    - Last time contact
    - "Intimacy" in relations

    I need that to:

    - Keep in touch with everybody on a regular basis
    - "Restore" old contact
    - Define and concentrate on key contacts (largest projects, most new leads)

    Please advice if you have such a grouping in place.


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    I have my clients sorted into contactlists, or mailinglists. The fundamental thought is this: "If I would send out a mailing to my entire customer base, who would get the same letter?" For instance I write a lot for ad agencies. All my clients working in advertising are in one list because a mailing to them would be very different than to, say, the clients I got out of huge corporate environments. Now that I am thinking about it, I guess I sorted my clients by focus group.


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      thanks! Are there any other suggestions?