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Question about something in the Advanced Workflow PDF

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  • Question about something in the Advanced Workflow PDF

    Under Organize - Support Materials - there is a "( ) indicates location". I'm not sure what that means and haven't seen it anywhere else in my GTD sources. I'm assuming that it has something to do with adding some type of code in your project list to indicate where the support material is. For example email folders, computer folders, or physical reference file folders.

    Could someone please enlighten me on this?



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    Looking at the diagram, I think you're correct in assuming it's intended to act a hyperlink of sorts in your project notes or action lists on where the support material is physically located.

    Since the Advanced Workflow PDF was created by a GTD Fan and not Davidco, it may be slanted to that person's interpretation of the GTD process, even though I think it is a very good summary of the workflow process.



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      Hi Ryan. That's how I read it - coding location of support material. I use "(AS)" to indicate when something is in my "Action Support" folder, the one I use for "one-off" paper that I'd prefer not to make a temporary labeled folder for.

      I'll check with the author (Scott Moehring) about it.


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        Old Franklin Quest trick

        I'm guessing the author picked this up from Hyrum Smith of Franklin Quest. Hyrum recommended using brackets to indicate location as a sort of paper based hyperlink. I still use this frequently. [AF-foo] means look for this in my action file (pending files) under "foo", while [RF-bar] refers to my reference file under "bar".


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          Thanks you for the reply.

          That makes sense. And I like the idea of an "Action Support" file to hold the one off stuff that it doesn't make sense to make individual folders for. This AS folder would be a good Travelling Folder too. Hmmm...

          Is the Action Support file from the book or is that a hack?




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            Originally posted by roakleyca View Post
            This AS folder would be a good Travelling Folder too... Is the Action Support file from the book or is that a hack?
            Yes, I carry my Action Support file with me - great for making use of those "between" moments - paper supporting a call, or a blank thank you card.

            I don't think it's in the book - it's one of those additional best practices I share with clients.


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              jpm is quite correct. Below is Scott's answer.


              This is a code I learned from my days of using the Franklin Planner system.
              The person asking the question has guessed the meaning correctly, and here
              is how it is used.

              Any time I have a placeholder for something to do that has support material,
              I have a tendency to want to keep the material out and visible. This quickly
              becomes counter-productive when I have more than just a couple things out.
              Unfortunately, putting them away gives me the slightest hesitation when I
              see the to-do item because I have to recall where I put the support item -
              computer, file drawer, email folder, wherever. The solution I have found
              works best for me is to include in parentheses where the support material is
              located. It is very useful in association with calendar items (where's the
              tickets, the directions, the notes from the last meeting). It is also
              especially useful when I won't be referencing the support material for a
              while (like I have put something in a Tickler file).

              Calendar - Concert with Tina (dresser drawer)
              Office - Draft plan for new product (PF-T)
              this indicates Project Folder under T
              Errand - Return cable to Walmart (glove compartment)

              It would be overkill and a waste of time to put this on everything, but in
              the right situation it is a lifesaver. Plus, it only takes a second to note
              the location. It takes a lot longer when you can't find it. There is a clear
              mental aaah! when I write it down, because I know that I don't have to keep
              track of this. It becomes more and more valuable the more things you have on
              your lists.



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                That description is awesome. Thanks so much Scott!