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Reminders/Outlook 2007 + GTD Add-in

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  • Reminders/Outlook 2007 + GTD Add-in

    I was wondering how is best to deal with reminders.

    For example, in an effort to get in a better physical shape I need to eat every 3 hours or so and this can be difficult if something urgent comes up. Before you know it 6 hours have passed.

    Or I have Read/Review time scheduled but its away from home - not a problem I hear you say if you carry your Read/Review folder with you everywhere you go. BUT my Read/Review folder is huge mostly with content based around a career change. Everytime I read something I have other material spawning off from that to go get and review. Because this folder is so heavy I have to remember to pick and choose a few things to take with me ready for this scheduled time. So I need a reminder right?

    So I was wondering how other people deal with this. I use Outlook 2007 which comes with a tasks section at the bottom of each day in the calender. So far this seems to be working for those things I would like to get done that day but aren't time specific.

    The problem I have is that if I use this area for setting up a reminder to eat every 3 hours seems a bit of overkill.

    Grateful, as always, for any help and advice.


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    Re: Reminders/Outlook 2007 + GTD Add-In


    I agree with you that setting a reminder that appears on your calendar would be cumbersome for something that recurs so frequently. For this type of item (taking medications might be another example) I tend to set a recurring alarm on my cell phone. If you are invested in the reminder coming to you via Outlook and you use that tool for email, there are some free online services such as Jott or Backpack (hope I have that name correct) that you can set up to email you at pre-determined times.

    Kris S
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      Re: Reminders/Outlook 2007 + GTD Add-in


      I misspoke -- I use Vitalist (web-based application) to send me recurring reminders. Jott has a different purpose.

      Kris S


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        Thanks I'll check them out.




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          My Solution for Outlook Reminders

          I too use OL 2007 w/the GTD add-in and wanted a reminder at regular intervals throughout the day. My solution to what you describe is to establish a daily recurring task and set a reminder on it for the first time in the day that I want to be reminded. Then when the reminder comes up I just snooze it to the next time I want a reminder. When the last time during the day I wish to be reminded happens then I mark it complete.

          An alternative I considered but didn't try as it seemed too complicated was to establish a daily recurring task for each time of the day I wanted to be reminded and set a reminder on it.

          All the best,