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  • New NA List

    I have been avoiding updating my lists, and it came to me that the reason was that I have some really ugly tasks that I don't want to acknowledge let alone do. So I decided to add a new NA list called RUT for Really Ugly Tasks.

    I plan to reward myself every time one of these gets crossed off.

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    I have crustry, rotten, asinine projects...


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      It might be you can further process/rewrite the tasks to make them more appealing. There is great article on this by one of the DaveCo coaches, James Daniel called "Yum or Yuck".

      It might be that the tasks are too big (they might be projects) and just need trimming down to a size so they are simpler.

      Following this route and on a similar note to yours, I once had a list of "Crap to Process" which was a list of said tasks and vague undefined projects, which I needed to rethink. Thankfully this list/folder was eventually whittled down to empty but I sometimes think I might need it again!


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        That was a LOL moment I love the name but it would really deter me from ever going anywhere near it and it would grow until it held everything I had to do.

        How about a bit of reverse psychology and rename it something like

        Personal Challenge List
        Character Building List
        Stuff I will do Because I get a Cool Reward List?

        *removes tongue from cheek*


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          Something icky this way comes

          For a while, I had my lists in two trays, marked Nice and Nasty. It actually worked: I'd voluntarily do much more of the Nasty stuff, and when I pulled something out of the Nice tray, if I didn't think of it as Nice, I'd try to remember what was nice about it. That helped too.

          Provided you don't cheat about it, it works well, because you know that all the stuff that makes you feel icky is in one tray, and everything in the Nice tray is safe. Doesn't contaminate every list with some stuff you don't want to think about.