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Updated Mindmap / Flowchart of the GTD System

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  • Updated Mindmap / Flowchart of the GTD System

    I recently created an updated mindmap/flowchart of GTD with MindManager. It's a large and very detailed map, but I personally found it helpful to have a bird's eye view of the entire system.

    Comments are welcome.

    If you like the GTD Mindmap, you can Digg it here.

    (Please note that these are not my ideas; this mindmap is unofficial, is a JPEG and not the original file, and is provided for educational purposes only; and I encourage you to visit and/or buy Getting Things Done.)

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    GTD Mindmap

    It is very difficult to view or print the jpg, is it possible to share the actual map as a file?


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      Updated Getting Things Done (GTD) Mindmap as a PDF

      Thanks to everyone who contacted me about the map and requested additional formats. To make the map easier to read, I've posted a printable PDF file. Hope this helps!