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I want to design my own leather binder, gorgeous

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  • I want to design my own leather binder, gorgeous

    Hi there,
    I am doing fine w GTD, have settled on my tools (PDA's do not work for me though I tried and tried and love my little Treo, but no, won't go down that rabbit hole again) so now I am using a regular sized Franklin planner--I own about 3--but since this planner and I live day in and day out with each other, I am unhappy with the quality, look, feel, texture. I am a designer handbag junkie/collector so my standards are high, but still, I can't be the only one. I want the practicality of the set-up of my Franklin (with some tweaks if Franklin cares to ask me) but I want it done in a gorgeous shade of, say, green Italian or French leather---such as Hermes does for their totally useless agenda's and planner. I will even go to Italy to find a leather maker but who, where, how do I do this? Also I own a gorgeous Mulberry planner, but the rings are such that you can only use Mulberry paper and I loathe their calendars--paper really nice however. I would like to hack the Franklin rings on the Mulberry planner but Franklin tells me "no will do, get lost, loser". Also I would like to choose my own color and leather etc.

    I want to carry this thing around like a cherished designer handbag, and don't tell me to buy a LV planner, don't like them. I want this thing in my hands all day to be a love affair.

    Also, on another note, I want a spiral notebook to carry around to make plans on, draw, do lists and then tear the pages out and pop them in my planner--so, they have to fit and be the right size. Colors would be nice too. But that's not the hard part. I am sure I can find someone to do the papers. It's the leather binder I am having trouble with.

    Where can I find someone or a company to work with me? Hermes is my standard but they only make Hermes binders--and the nice leathers are all in little silly things only our grandmother's would really use. Anyone know anything about this stuff? Any Italian leather maker that does gorgeous stuff out there? I need to crack this code. Even Ryan at Levenger has been trying to help me but he doesn't know either.

    Thanks if you made it this far.


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    Woman, if you find this...

    OK, so I don't have a resource for you, but I know I want to hear about whatever you find! I'm TOTALLY with you on having the perfect accessory...and I too will gladly pay for it.


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      Okay, now we got three

      Hi Barb, I am so happy to hear from you. Right, price no object but the results are totally a big object. So now we got you, me and my best GTD buddy Claudia on fire about this. We shouldn't have to live out of Officemax or even the stale Franklin stores. I am on a mission!!


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        I have seen some beautiful work at better craft shows (NOT the country-bunnies kind - the artists' fairs...) in leather.

        Would one of these artisans be interested in making what you want? I imagine that someone would undertake it for the right price! Especially the Hermes price...

        I know what you mean about the perfect binder - I do use a pda and dream of the perfect lefty case, with pad on the right and card slots NOT upside down!

        I also dream of the perfect lefty pda...but that is hopeless.



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          Try an Internet search on "custom leather handbag" and your location. Call vendors who look promising and explain what you want. Expect it to be jaw-dropping expensive, but if you're looking at Hermes you knew that already. Plan to buy a cheap Franklin binder and cannibalize the rings.

          (What you want isn't technically a handbag, but it's closer to that than to the *unique* clothing you'll get if you leave the keyword out.)



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            Good idea, Katherine.

            And by the way, Emkay, I am a lefty too--so of course I would make allowances for that too!


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              no luck so far..

              What I have seen under Custom Leather Handbag is what I thought I would find: very crafty. Not Balenciaga or Hermes at all. I don't want running horses stenciled all over the front and I don't want it lined in gingham. On to Italy!!

              But keep your ideas coming.



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                It sounds like you have a pretty specific idea of the type and quality of leather you want. Maybe you could start with that. Find out who makes it and who they sell it to. One of those people may be willing to take on a custom project. At least they'll share your ideas about the quality of the raw material.

                Of course I have no idea how to find the leather either. Do you know who supplies the leather to the people at Hermes? Actually, even if the "company" tells you no, one of the people who actually makes similar stuff may be happy to take on a personal project like this. Maybe someone in the fashion world can help you find the real artisans. Or call around to design schools.

                Good luck!


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                  Thanks, Action Girl. I will get in touch w Parsons School of Design in New York--going there Monday anyway, and maybe Project Runway people, and of course here in Chicago, there is The Art Institute School, and then I could go to the head of handbags at Barney's. Also, a friend just started working at Hermes and he would help me find the leather etc. Oh, now I am full of ideas!

                  Also, you know how they have the A5 Filofaxes in these plain leathers but the Personal size comes in all these really amazing leathers---like ostrich in red and cream, and croc, etc. Why don't they make the A5 in these amazing things?



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                    Found it!

                    I think I have found a company who will let me do my own binder. I have seen the leathers and am talking with them now. Gorgeous colors and leathers! Really stunning. I am in New York City and stumbled across a source via a saleslady I was chatting with in Soho at Kate's Paperie. I will let you know how this turns out for all of you who might be interested. Trish


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                        I'm so glad you found somebody! Personally, I'll wait for the cheap knock-off to come out next season...

                        When it's all done, post a picture for us - I actually am very curious about your lefty design ideas.



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                          Here's a source I found that might be worth exploring...I have a beautiful Raika binder in one of these leathers that is in need of replacing, and this site lets you pick your own pattern, color and style.



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                            My new binder is on it's way here...

                            Originally posted by mhm802 View Post
                            Here's a source I found that might be worth exploring...I have a beautiful Raika binder in one of these leathers that is in need of replacing, and this site lets you pick your own pattern, color and style.

                            Hi! Thanks for not forgetting about me. I went straight to Raika---just Google---and wow, did I find a lot of cool leathers, binders etc. I picked one, with the help of the nicest lady on the phone, in lime green croc leather with a zipper all around and it will be here in a day or two. They make them right in their shop. I even picked out some papers and calendars for the inside and she gave me half off because half the year is gone! I will let you all know when it gets here.


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                              Source for custom binder

                              In post number 10 you said that you had a source that could make you a binder - could you share the name? I'm still looking for someone to make a binder in A5 size with rings no larger than 5/8". Raika doesn't have that particular size. The regular A5's are too bulky for me. I saw a binder like this in Tokyo and didn't buy it and have been regretting that ever since.