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Got the iling done bt not sure how to proceed from there

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  • Got the iling done bt not sure how to proceed from there

    If you remember my first post I had a huge mess in my home office & apartment and most of the suggest where to get started going through the stuff

    Well got 98.6% of it filed into different folders and file cabinets or trashed (Had a ton of trash). Unforunatly I did not use the proper sorting of stuff for everything. Found it hard to remember to implement the steps all the time and was catching myself back doing old habits without even thinking about them. It was spread out over a week (6 1/2 days) as I had too many things going on at that time and could not set aside 2 or 3 full days for just this at this time but it got done. I figure it took 3 days of 6 to 9 hours per day total.

    Anyway as for getting everything filed away felt good but then I hit a snag and havn't done anything for 3 1/2 days now just sort of maintaining the status quoe. I guess I have to re-group and read the book again.

    Anyone have a simliar problem starting out with "Getting Things Done" that could maybe give me a pointer or two? I do realize I need to develope some self discipline so I do the steps everyday, but any suggestions and helpfull tips would be appreciated.

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    Review the workflow diagram and apply it to the top item in your inbox. Repeat. When done, consult your next actions list and pick something to do.


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      First, congratulations on the filing! I know how overwhelming of a process that can be.

      To build on Barry's note

      If you're not sure what is or isn't in your inbox (in case by "not using the proper sorting" you mean, in part, that you didn't clearly determine what was and was not actionable, and that you may have filed actionable things)"

      1. Stop and do a brain-dump of everything that is nagging at you "oh, I should do that". Put that list in your in-box.

      2. Go through everything you filed, and see if any of it is "actionable" rather than just reference. If so, make a note, mention where the filed info is in your note, and stick it in your inbox. (Strict GTD would have you take all the files that you didn't process for actionability out of wherever they are and stick them in your inbox until you process them-- but I imagine that if you've just succeeded in making order out of chaos, you're going to be reluctant to do that. Going through each thing one-by-one and putting notes in the inbox should suffice.)

      3. While you are doing this, if you remember "oh! I have to/should/wanted to...." then write it down and stick it in your inbox.

      4. Once you've gone through everything, then follow Barry's advice above.



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        I would strongly suggest limiting the amount of immediate filing you do getting into the system. If you have days of filing remaining, I'd make working on it a project ("backlog filing is done"), and pull out an action ("file the next 20 folders") as you would any project. What's important is to get the files organized and out of your field of vision (as much as possible).

        The point is to get the system up and running with the most current stuff - often the paper on and around your desk, plus email and voice mail. Trying to address a very large backlog (paper or email) will stretch the adoption process out too far.

        Regarding rigorously applying the processing and organizing steps, this is something that a) takes time, and b) can benefit from guidance. Try to partner with someone who can provide some friendly help as you learn it - this can be invaluable. There's nothing like having someone sitting next to you, but it can be done solo. Use this group!

        Best of luck.