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Adding a New Area of Focus

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  • Adding a New Area of Focus

    Recently I had to add a new area of focus with a whole new set of responsibilities. But I have been encountering a problem that keeps popping up.

    In the past I had a real rythm to my work, despite that work constantly evolving into new projects, etc. However, I have had a real difficulty integrating work from this new area of focus. The problem is not so much the set-up of the projects and next actions, since I believe I have that down. The problem is that I just don't flow as easily from one project to another, from one next action to another. Maybe this is because I'm still familiarizing myself with it and I get engrossed? In a way, I often get side-tracked without even noticing it and I feel I'm not properly working my lists.

    Does anyone have any advice to making this transition more seamless or, better yet, happen more quickly?

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    How nice!

    There are a lot of bored people out there that envy your new AOF! My opinion is that it has just taken you out of your groove a bit. Think of it as stimulating...maybe it's just a glass half full/half empty situation.

    I know you said your project naming is good and all, but Meg Edwards taught me to start my projects with the AOF they belong in. I look over it every week to make sure I'm "balanced" in the work I'm doing and don't go overboard into any one thing in my life (to the detriment of all others) It works nicely for me.


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      Originally posted by sdann View Post
      Recently I had to add a new area of focus with a whole new set of responsibilities. But I have been encountering a problem that keeps popping up.

      Like you I've added a new area of focus recently as well. Since it's different from my current areas, its been a challenge to get the new contexts and other aspects into my system. I don't have any advice, except to say that in my experience GTD has been able to adapt and handle what ever I've thrown at it... it may just take a while to make that happen.

      Have you considered making a project called "improve integration of work from new area of focus"? What's the next action

      - Don


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        Barb, thank you. I'm actually enjoying having a new area of focus. And, the AoFs really are important to see that I'm balanced in all my areas, something I would never had had prior to GTD or really prior to higher altitude thinking.

        Don, I think your idea of creating an integration project may really be what I need.

        JPM also said in another post about 10k today that he schedules some time to do higher priority items. I may need to do that for the opposite, since the daily grind is losing out to the new AoF.