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My simple-offline-free Iphone Gtd setup

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  • My simple-offline-free Iphone Gtd setup

    Probabily I didn't invent nothing new and someone is already using this simple setup... anyway...
    Sorry if I'm not very clear but I am italian and my english is not so good..

    With my Iphone 3G I wanted something:
    - free
    - fast
    - usable off line
    - syncronizable with Outlook
    - portable (because I like to change my Iphone, Blackberry and Nokia weekly)

    That's why my Gtd system must be syncronized in a easy way with Outlook (or whatever you want if you don't use Outlook..)

    About the Iphone calendar I don't speak because it can be syncronized in a easy way.. so no problem about the hard landscape.
    Let's speak about the Next Actions List:
    I've noticed that if with my finger I "scroll" from the very right to the left of the screen of the Iphone contact application, and I do this at the bottom right corner of the screen, the Iphone bring me directly to the end of the contact list. Super fast..

    At the end of the contact list, I have prepared this contacts:
    1 @ next action
    2 @ waiting for
    3 - Someday May be
    ... and so on

    Obviously if you tap with your finger on it, the note field is opened in a fraction of seconds and it is already editable.
    So in this note field you can write your list according to the context you need.

    And in 3 step you can access or edit your next action list on your Iphone. Obviously when you sync with your desktop Outlook everything is perfect.

    Now how I deal with the Project:
    I have usually all my projects in the calendar as normal event because are tickeled (It means the most Projects I have are recurring and so every year or month or quarter must be re-activated). These projects are written in this way on the calendar, for example:

    P Pay Tax
    P Buy Tires for my Car

    Then on the note field of the calendar event of that project, I write all my project support, what I've done in the lasts years, and so on..

    When arrive the time to activate (or make a new Project), I put this Project on Sunday at midnight and I tell to my phone to repeat it weekly.
    So what happen? Practically I have all my projects written as a list and all together on all the Sunday's in my phone calendar. Very easy when I make the weekly review because with a couple of finger-tap on my Iphone I have all the project in a comfortable list..

    I think i have finished. So I deal with Projects and my Hard Landscape with Iphone Calendar native application, and I deal with Next Actions Lists with Iphone Contact native application.
    I consider it easy, simple, fast and free of cost..

    I hope someone of you criticize my Iphone gtd setup...

    Ciao Ciao..