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Reqeusting help using To Do -Projects

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  • Reqeusting help using To Do -Projects

    Hi to all readers. I am new to GTD and starting to implement it at work using Notes. I am a project manager with a few projects on the boil at any one time, and I'm not sure how to best use the -Projects category in my To Do part of Notes.

    Do I open one category per project (I have six running at the moment, various sizes) then create a new To Do for each next step ?

    Or one To Do per project, then simply list the steps in the Notes sections ? This is what I have done for my Errands and other tasks, but there are likely to be very many steps / tasks per project and I'm concerned that I'll lose the detail.

    I guess it will work either way, but if anyone can offer suggestions about what has / has not worked so well for them I'd be really appreciative.

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    Notes and GTD

    Hi Kristie,

    I am using Notes for GTD since some month.

    I create a Task with the category projects for each project. I also put the project name as a second category in there (to link n/a to projects later).

    Then I create a Task for each n/a or Someday. In each next action I put the project name as a category besides the context category.

    It sounds a little bit complicated, but it works fine. Especially since I created buttons for these purposes.

    Happy holidays from germany


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      Thank you so much Zelda - I hadn't thought of creating a second category and I'll give that a try.