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Just finished the review... :-)

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  • Just finished the review... :-)

    Quite simply I love the book and what it's done for me. I had suffered from procrastination, possibly from ALL the stuff I had in my head, on paper much, that I simply avoided doing anything *meaningful* because I didn't know how to tackle it all.

    I work professionally as a musician and produce several albums for an international company.

    Now I have a cool filing cabinet, diary, tickler system and some new stationery.
    The whole GTD system has helped me just DO stuff instead of holding it all in my head and worrying about it.

    Okay there are those that moan and complain that the book was only 85% to their satisfaction...possibly the same people that have applied this to everything in their life, but hey, I found the good in the book and have applied it successfully.

    Whilst I own a PDA (Palm) I simply find pen-to-paper works for me and when I'm out and about I really don't want it to look like a "wank-fest" when I get my PDA out - haha!!

    Look for the good in the system and run with - there's my 5 cents.