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New action or change the context if work is done

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  • New action or change the context if work is done


    What is a good work.
    I create a new action.
    In this action I define in our test lab some work.
    Example: "Calibrate pressure measurement" This work must carry out in the calibration lab and I order this work with an "work order" I have often do this typ of work and so I have define a context like "work order"
    If I have done this my work ist finish, but now I must wait until the calibration is carry out.
    Is it a good idea to change now the context from "work order" to the named person "Mr. Smith" and change the dates and so on or is it better to create a new action wih controlling and the person "Mr. Smith"

    What would you prefer ?


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    Whichever is easiest for you is fine.

    Some people like to keep old next actions around as a record of completed work. Some people don't need or want such a record.



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      Originally posted by kewms View Post
      Whichever is easiest for you is fine.
      Thanks, that's a good feedback.

      No dogma



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        Actually, I think this would be better suited for your "Waiting For" list. You are waiting for the calibration to be completed, right?

        To me, it depends on the timeframe. If I'm reasonably confident that the work in question will be completed in, say, the next day, I'll keep it on my Actions list (but maybe moved to the bottom). Much longer than that, and my Actions lists begin to get muddled with things I can't do.

        I'd rather review my Waiting For list more frequently, than keep a lot of things I'm waiting for on my Actions list.


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          Hello Brent


          I can create a "waiting" context and use this. I have lot of waiting actions. I delegate lot of work to other colleagues. So it would be good that I could see which are in waiting line. Did you have a good idea what trick I could use to see this immediate when I go in context view "waiting".
          One step could be that I write the name of colleague at begin of action.

          Jochen (.de)


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            Using the name or organization first works best for me. Examples: "John: travel documents for Mexico" or "Amex: credit for duplicate charge"


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              Yep, that's what I do. Two examples from my current Waiting For list:

              Mary Hashback re panel for Balticon '09
              David Spinster re draft article for Polymancer magazine