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  • For Students....

    I am currently going back to get my MBA. Taking 3 courses concurrently while working a full time job.

    A neat trick that has been helping me out:
    -Make every class a PROJECT
    -At weekly review, go through syllabus for each class and check for assignments/projects with due dates.
    -Add these to @Study context.

    I use a Palm and the @STUDY context arranged by due date has really taken any guess work out of which assignment to tackle next- especially with as little time as I have. I just sit down, open the context and get to work.

    Has anyone worked a system that is similar? Any tips?

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    I tend to work a little more on the front end--entering all my deadlines for major papers, etc. into my gCal at the beginning of the term. I preface them all with "DUE:" so that I can just search for "due" and get a list of all my deadlines in order. Sort of the same principle, but a little different execution.

    For me, a course is way too big to be on my projects list, because it consists of too many subprojects, some of which require weeks of NAs to complete. So when I feel like I need to get going on a long assignment (based on my review of the gCal), then it goes on my "Projects-School" list and the first NA goes on the right context list (I mainly use @Computer and @Desk (no computer)--after one term, I discovered that a physical context worked much better for me than an @study context--it was becoming a trash bucket for NAs I didn't want to do.)