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Examples of Project and NA Lists?

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  • Examples of Project and NA Lists?

    Can anyone point me to examples of real lists of project and next actions? I'd like to see how others are implementing GTD -- not just descriptions, but real examples.

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    I posted some pictures of my system awhile ago: GTD Photos


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      Originally posted by MarinaMartin View Post
      I posted some pictures of my system awhile ago: GTD Photos
      I tried to go look but the pictures themselves don't show up, only the comments. The place for the pictures has a big question mark in it like the file does not exist or something. Is permission set to something so not everyone can see them? The only one with anything in it is the blank one at the very end.


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        I could see it well.


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          The Flickr set works fine for me, as well, but then I have a Flickr account. :shrug:

          Here is my current Projects list, with descriptions slightly expanded so you all will understand what they mean:

          • Finish City of Talon role-playing document (including overall map)
          • Read through papers and books next ot bed
          • Cook everything in "10 Cool Things To Cook" list
          • Add sample characters to Gunwave role-playing system
          • Watch anime that's in pile next to DVD player and on computer
          • Sign up for GenCon (13 Aug 09), Otakon (17 July), and DragonCon (4 Sep 09) - badge, hotel, flight/train
          • Redesign studio window corner so that cords are no longer showing
          • Juggle
          • Talk to John Wingman about housing market - now a good time to buy in my area?
          • Dry-clean coats and jackets
          • Print 2008's blog entries and store in closet
          • Re-generate podcast website in PHP, making right-hand column smaller and expanding archive page
          • Delete dating site template for inactive customer
          • Record a final YouTube video about my thoughts on ef - a tale of memories
          • Email local podcast organizer about talk ideas: "Podcast soup-to-nuts," and how to post to YouTube
          • Blog about story on ANN
          And here's my current @Laptop Actions list:

          • Watch episode 2 of Ride Back
          • Add second column to archive page on podcast website
          • Open 2008 blog post files in Automator to print
          • Type up overview thoughts on ef - a tale of memories
          • Email Mom - that book is named Tea with the Black Dragon
          • Open Gunwave player's guide and add traits to 1 character
          • Find dating site to delete
          Does that help?


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            I think this thread could use more examples. IMO, this is one of the big questions I see new GTD'ers having, and when I tell someone new about GTD I always show them what my lists look like so they get an idea of what goes there. So, here's my two cents (or rather, my two lists:

            School Projects List: (I'm a grad student, so school is "work" right now)
            • Transcribe interview
            • Move working papers journal website
            • Edit papers from last year's conference
            • Read Spoken Soul and prepare book report (deadline: 3/5)
            • Paper for Anthropology course (deadline: 2/8 )
            • Multi-Modal discourse paper (deadline: 2/4)
            And my @Computer list: (I've bolded the NAs that are related to the projects above, but I usually don't mark this connection for myself)
            • Transcribe 10 mins of interview
            • see if I can wipe the DVD Grandpa gave me for Christmas
            • Crop photos for Father's Day scrapbook
            • Email Professor S. to set up a meeting about last term's paper
            • re-write paper notes into One Note
            • Select a video clip to analyze for Multi-Modal paper
            • Locate an oil change shop
            • Create .ppt slides for GTD process diagram
            • Request refund of loan
            • Convert minutes from Grad Students meeting to word doc
            • double-check that I have everything from my old personal website
            • E-mail L re: what she's found out about the other working papers website
            Hope that's helpful.


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              Originally posted by rman666 View Post
              Can anyone point me to examples of real lists of project and next actions?
              Ok Here's a subset of mine:
              Purpose is Make a Difference in the Environment
              Vision is Manage the Farm Sustainably
              Goals are Sell all wool each year
              Area of Focus is Wool Work
              Projects and their next actions are:
              Send wool to Zeilinger

              Find boxes to pack quilt batt wool in garage
              Weigh boxes of roving wool for FAR
              Weigh boxes of combed tops wool

              Deal with Polypay fleeces

              move bags of wool from red barn to shop skirting area

              Deal with Shropshire fleeces

              move bags of wool from red barn to shop skirting area

              Send wool to Yolo for worsted test

              gather 20 pounds of medium fine fleeces with low or no VM in one box

              Skirt 2008 fleeces

              Finish skirting fleeces and sort into categories (web sales, roving, combed tops, quilt batts, socks, Moy Gown and worsted test)

              Make more Sheep Coats

              pick up serger and sewing machine from fabric shop in GJ
              order more sheep coat material from Seattle fabrics, get yellow or other light color need 10 yards minimum

              Work on Ravelry

              take picture of medium blend yarn
              skein off lace weight blend yarn into 200 yd 50 g skeins
              edit our yarn descriptions with skein weights
              edit Monmouth cap project to include pictures after fulling

              Change Sheep coats

              catch Gwenifer and change her coat to a 34F
              catch Caridwen and change her coat to a 34W
              catch the 3 ewes in east pen with shredded coats and replace, need 1 size 32, 2 size 34 coats (I don't know for sure which ewes they are by name, I know most of my sheep but not all)
              Change Agent 90 coat to a 36W
              Check Yoda's coat for size

              The contexts for those next actions includes Outside by myself, outside with help, @computer Mac, inside by myself, @computer internet and @Delta&GJ

              I have projects in the following areas of focus:
              Wool Work
              Sheep Work
              Horse Work
              Orchard Work
              Ditch Company Work
              Financial Planning
              Historical Society


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                Here in an excerpt of my projects:

                3 Get Microsoft Office
                9 Apply for passport
                11 Put $1,000 into a hedge fund.
                16 Apply for a university

                On my actions lists, if a task is tied to a project, i put a number beside it.
                Below is an excerpt of my next actions list.

                Waiting For
                9 New passport from Internal Affairs

                16 Draft and plan project on going to university

                3 Ask Fred about where he got is MS Office from

                11 Look up possible hedge funds to invest in.

                Note that many actions on my lists aren't tied to projects so have no number.