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Thank you GTD!

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  • Thank you GTD!

    3 years after discovering GTD, I'm still a baby at it's implementation. But the things that I have implemented have changed my life!

    And now I'd like to celebrate two great things which have happened to me in the last couple of days, thanks to GTD:

    1) I have written every single medical report that I am supposed to have completed - a situation I haven't been in for over 15 years!

    2) I filed this years income tax return on time (well, 10 hours before the deadline) AND completed the ones outstanding for the last two years.

    Now number 1) was also thanks to the boss reorganising my work schedule a bit, but some of that was thanks to GTD helping me to renegotiate my commitments.

    Now to tackle the rest of my life, and of course read "Making it all work"

    Thank you David, and thanks to all making the same journey on here. It's good to know you


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    Ruth weren't you the one working in the underfunded hospital? How did the reorganization of your work environment out? Are you able / willing to share?


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      Ruth, congratulations! What wonderful achievements!


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        Ruth, congratulations! I remember when you were so bogged down you thought you would never catch up, let alone get ahead. This is a real victory, and inspiring too.


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          Glad to hear it, Ruth! Good on you for sticking with it.


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            Awesome, Ruth! Way to go!


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              Great Job!



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                Three cheers for you, Ruth. Way to go!


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                  Many thanks all - I really appreciate the support.

                  Ruth weren't you the one working in the underfunded hospital? How did the reorganization of your work environment out? Are you able / willing to share?
                  The main improvements:
                  1) The new part-time senior post we told the directors there wouldn't be any applicants for because of the job design.... 40 enquiries, no applications. After much wrangling they've agreed to fund a full -time post so we can create a more attractive job description. One of our fixed term doctors will act up into it while we recruit, and she is going to take on a number of my commitments.

                  2) The National Health Service has been forced by the government to monitor its activity in detail. It's a real pain reporting on loads of targets, but what it has done is drawn the directors attention to the stuff that we've been telling them for years hasn't been getting done due to lack of experienced staff (both clinical and administrative).

                  3) The head of service has managed to second the office manager to a less demanding job where her inability to manage staff won't matter. The disadvantage is that the said HoS now has to repair the damage done to the administrative and clerical staff by years of incompetent management. Some of them may be going down the "performance management" route towards the door.

                  So slowly but surely...... and in the meantime I'm a displaced person because the offices are being redecorated, and I'm hotdesking anywhere I can.



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                    My success story with GTD

                    Congratulation, Ruth!

                    Let me also share my success story with GTD.

                    Since I've started in June 2007,
                    - I became black belt in June 2008,
                    - I wrote my 20,000 to 50,000 lists and achieved a lot on them,
                    - I changed my carreer and double my income,
                    - I moved all my family from East coast to West coast,
                    - I got rid of a chronical painfull neck problem,
                    - I got rid of procrastination,
                    - I doubled my asset value...

                    and all of that, just by managing simple next physical actions on paper lists.

                    It's amazing.


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                      Congratulations Sonturk! I've got a long way to go to catch up with that