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GTD/David Allen is spoofed in a movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • GTD/David Allen is spoofed in a movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I went to the Blockbuster the other day, and I saw an interesting movie called "Chaos Theory" because it talked about the main character was an efficiency expert that "kept a lot of lists". I thought that was funny, so I rented it.

    This movie is seriously spoofing GTD and David Allen. The main character is like David Allen and he gives seminars on time management. His name is even Frank Allen. Obviously, this is a complete and total spoof of GTD and David Allen. "Chaos Theory" is actually half way decent. I give it 7/10. Has anyone else seen it? What did you think?


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    I haven't seen the movie, but IMDb reports that it will be on TV soon...

    Thur. Feb. 12 9:00 PM LIFE
    Fri. Feb. 13 2:00 PM LIFE


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      It is a very good movie but I have to admit I didn't get the DA connection until you posted it here. I bought it on itunes a while back and have really enjoyed it.

      Highly recommended (Not Safe for Children)