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Working on 2 x Next Action Lists?

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  • Working on 2 x Next Action Lists?


    I'm hoping for some help here. I perform a blended role in an IT Support Department split between project management and Technical Support.

    I have my GTD system setup in Evernote to manage projects and general everyday Next Actions, Read/Review, Agenda's etc.

    I also have to use a Helpdesk System which will generate other Next Actions, either logged by myself for management and monitoring purposes or automatically generated from users.

    Should I add the Helpdesk Tickets to my Next Actions (which seems excessive)?

    Is there a better way to manage these two separate systems so that I can ensure that everything I need to do is done to meet my pre-defined & project work and targets/visions etc.


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    I think it would be redundant to re-enter them in Evernote. Sometimes a "bucket" is the best reminder system. The key is, however, you have to be looking at the bucket often enough to trust it.

    You could treat your list of assigned helpdesk tickets as an extension of your Projects list because each ticket represents an open loop that must be closed, and they may require multiple actions to close them.

    I suggest you review the list of your assigned tickets as often as you need and make sure that you have a next action defined for each. Put a reminder of the action on the appropriate action list in Evernote.

    Try it for a week and see how well it works.


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      I'd treat the Help Desk system as an inbox, and track the actual work as Projects and Next Actions. The Help Desk system probably won't have the appropriate levels of control that your GTD system will have.

      That said, you can certainly try keeping both as separate systems and see how it works. I keep separate systems for home and work, and it's generally working fine for me.