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  • Hourly reminder

    My eye doctor says I need to get my head out of the computer periodically and take a walk. Any suggestions on how to set up an hourly reminder that will trigger a Pavlovian response in me to get up and go?

    High tech or low tech is okay.


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    I like the Wimiki app from Simpleology: link

    It stays in the background, and after 55 minutes it takes control of the whole environment and announces you to get up from your computer, move around and drink some water.

    It's free, but it's only for Windows.

    As for low-tech, maybe an egg timer? link
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      Thanks Dan. That's an interesting app. One thing scares me...

      Originally posted by DanGTD View Post

      ... it takes control of the whole environment ...
      I'd hate to be right in the middle of a WebEx presentation when that happens.

      An egg timer? Hmm, that's something to consider.



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        Originally posted by howman View Post
        Any suggestions on how to set up an hourly reminder that will trigger a Pavlovian response in me to get up and go?
        I'd get a kitchen timer with a lanyard that hangs around my neck. I Love my Polder one, use it for all sorts of stuff.


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          I like AntiRSI, which is Mac only freeware. Time between reminders and length of breaks is configurable. You can also decide whether to let it lock you out of the computer for the duration of your break, and there's a delay/snooze button in case a scheduled break occurs at a bad time.

          Years and years ago I used the end of a CD as my break reminder: time to put on more music = time to take a break.



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            If you follow the discreteness of next actions, and if in your nature of work the next actions usually turn out to be less than an hour, the most logical point in time to get up is between two actions. Stick a post-it near the corner of your monitor to remind you to get up, and do it in between actions, if it works for you.



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              Great ideas! Thanks everyone.


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                I bought a digital timer at Walgreens that goes off every N minutes. It also has short beep reminders when 5 and 10 minutes are left.

                I've found this useful when cleaning an area, when processing my "In."


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                  I use a Yahoo widget timer at home, and I've got a timer program called Big Clock for my PalmPilot when I'm at work. I wouldn't be without them now!



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                    Pomodoro Technique

                    This takes the Kitchen timer idea and takes it much further:

                    The Pomodoro Technique


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                      Originally posted by kewms View Post
                      I like AntiRSI, which is Mac only freeware.
                      Katherine, thanks for the suggestion. For others that are interested, the link is here:


                      - Don


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                        As I suffer from RSI, I use workrave. It's a great tool, looks nice, has a clear interface and is quite customizable

                        It works on windows, linux (sudo apt-get install workrave if you're using ubuntu/kubuntu) and I also think on mac.

                        As it is an anti-RSI tool, it has micro-breaks, which interrupt you every couple of minutes in addition to the hourly interrupt. However, you can simply deactivate this is in the settings.
                        You can skip interrupts, postpone interrupts and you can customize how many minutes it gets postponed and how long the interrupts takes, etc.

                        [edit]It's open source and free


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                          Originally posted by dschaffner View Post
                          Katherine, thanks for the suggestion. For others that are interested, the link is here:

                          Just a brief update on antiRSI for the mac.

                          It's really slick and very easy to use. I never would have guessed that I would work so much that I would need micro or macro breaks, but guess what... a few times a day the app does remind me. Very cool, and highly recommended.

                          - Don


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                            I found this:
                            Alarm Clock by Tarry91 is a compact (if lengthily named) portable alarm manager and timer. Packed with features, it can help you with everything from tea brewing to early rising.

                            Alarms and timers can be extremely useful, in more ways than one might expect. We've encouraged you to use a timer for everything from getting stuff done to avoiding repetitive stress injuries and brewing perfect tea. Alarm Clock by Tarry91 supports an unlimited number of events, and allows for every-x-minutes, daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly alarms to be set. Various actions can be set up to occur upon the alarm event, including MP3 or video playback, opening a specified file, and system shutdown, hibernation, or logging off the current user. The application resides in the system tray and has a quick event menu, accessible by right clicking on the tray icon, to add countdowns in commonly used blocks of time like fifteen and thirty minutes.

                            Alarm Clock by Tarry91 is freeware, Windows only.

                            [Source: Lifehacker]


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                              I use google to message my phone twice a day - once mid-morning and again mid-afternoon. It's supposed to remind me to make certain I'm doing what I want or need to do, just in case I get caught up in something. I get that text no matter where I am. You could set it up for anything.