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One GTD system for partners?

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  • One GTD system for partners?

    Has anyone used one GTD system for partners (aka husband and wife?)

    Pros, cons?



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    No, and I don't recommend it. When two people are responsible for something, nobody is. Everyone should have their own separate system.

    You will likely have shared projects; in those cases it might be on your Projects list and your spouse's Projects list. Or it might be on just one of your lists if one of you takes primary ownership.

    I think there was a similar thread on this topic in the past. Try searching the forum to see what others had to say.

    - Luke


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      Agreed. You don't want to share an entire system, but sharing projects is GREAT if both parties organize their lives via GTD.

      Many of the online systems support some form of sharing. Being a Nozbe fan, I can elaborate a bit on that. You can share projects and both can see the task list for the project, but you can each assign your own contexts to items and you each can choose which are considered your own Next Actions.

      In addition, tasks can simply be in the list or they can be labeled as assigned to someone to make it clear who is doing what. Even better, if you assign an action to someone else, it automatically hits their Next Actions list so they're aware of it (and which time they can un-Next Action it if they want).

      It works quite well and supports as many users per project as you want. I've had some with three of us on it. Any more than that could get really messy, I think.