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  • Help!!

    Hello Everyone,
    New to the forum, been "lurking" for a while!
    One of my biggest issues like some have here on this forum is sticking to one system and actually getting things done.
    I'm in sales, work from my house and travel mostly by plane every week and a half or so. I like using the GTD system and I use a paper based system for most contexts, but keep calendar, contacts, and errands in my Blackberry Bold.
    I have spent Waaaaaay too much $$ on binders / notebooks etc. I currently can't decide to stick with my Levenger Circa Ltr. sized foldover notebook, or my Ltr. sized Circa zipped binder, or my Classic/Jr. sized zipped binder.
    I love th efeel of the smaller binder when I have to jump in the car, or in a tight space (plane), but I write BIG & ugly, and I can fit more on a letter size sheet. When I'm at my desk, it feels great to use my foldover Ltr. size and take notes, plus the Classic size doesn't feel as comfortable as I keep bumping my hand into the discs as I write. (Big hands too) I need to find ONE system or tool to use and sell the rest. (The Power of Less). But I just can't seem to choose and it's killing my productivity, plus I have stuff located in each one.
    Any thoughts?? Ideas??
    HELP!!! I need to focus on selling!!

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    Each system and size has its advantages and drawbacks, as you have found. Try this: from your array of sizes, choose the one with the fewest disadvantages. Pour into it all your information from the other sizes, and put them away. Use that one exclusively for a few weeks and see how it works. If you need to, repeat with one of the other sizes.


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      Best of luck with this! I fully agree with Day Owl.

      Pick one and stick with it for a few weeks. It will become blindingly clear whether you need to switch by then, plus you'll understand the benefits better. Also, you'll be able to at least get things done.