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GTD Tips & Notes from 1st GTD Summit

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  • GTD Tips & Notes from 1st GTD Summit

    The GTD Summit wrapped up Friday night in San Francisco. It was an amazing time and I was bouncing between blogging, tweeting and talking to the incredible participants, coaches and staff.

    The days were packed with great conversations and I attempted to capture the feelings in the blogs below, my first attempt at live-blogging!

    Check it out, especially in Day 2, I captured a lot of tips in the best practices afternoon session which was led by my first GTD trainer, Danny Bader. Thanks Danny!

    Thanks to all the DA Staff who put together a great show!

    Fyi: To access any of the maps, you can use a free trial of MindManager for Windows or Mac.

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    Mindmaps from GTD Summit

    Thanks Michael for the maps. I couldn't be there, so I followed lots of you on twitter. The maps are helpful and I can share them at work.

    Roy Barberi


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      So close and yet so far. I was only ~40 miles south in San Jose, and real life made me say GTD Summit is a Someday/Maybe.

      I hope they repeat this event, maybe smaller ones in the form of local editions.

      Your blog entries and the various pages at the GTD Summit Web site are helping me experience it secondhand nicely. Thanks!


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        Live mapping!

        It was my pleasure. I was really grateful to be there and have the opportunity to share the experience with others!

        It was really a lot of fun, juggling my laptop, camera, writing, mapping and tweeting. Oh, and listening! Definitely a fun, rewarding challenge.

        I posted another GTD template on the Mindjet blog today, my Journey to Focus on My Horizons!

        And this post has two more GTD focused templates: Making It All Work.