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WaitingFor "ME" !

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  • WaitingFor "ME" !

    To put this into context I use Remember The Milk as my main GTD tool.

    I'm comfortable with all the basic concepts.
    To record dependencies I use two tags, "WaitingFor" and "PersonsName".

    In RTM I can click on a persons name and see all the tasks tagged with their name. Great!

    I have slowly started to tag items with WaitingFor RossGoodman
    I do have some shared lists available to others but I tend to delegate rather than receive tasks therefor implicitly almost all of my tasks are "mine"

    I don't know why I do it, maybe it's just the "fear" of seeing an untagged task niggling that it has not been processed.

    Does anyone else do this?
    Are there any advantages/disadvantages to doing this?


  • #2 definition...anything in a context list besides @ Waiting For is waiting for you...


    • #3
      I agree with dragynox. Every NA is waiting for you!


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        This makes me laugh. I feel like shaking my fist and saying "WHAT...are you WAITING FORRRR?"

        As already said, Next Actions are all waiting for you to do them!

        Just relax and let some Next Actions go undone until you're ready to do them. Nothing to fear.