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  • Sub-Projects

    First, to catch you up to speed, I am a Music Performance Major at a university in NC and I've been GTDing for about 8 months. I've been calling my solo performance pieces each a project and it's been working great.

    However, I recently added "Senior Recital" (a 45 minute solo performance) to my projects list. In this recital I have roughly 7 different pieces that I am playing. I'm not sure what way to implement GTD in this case. Should I have a Recital project or 7 projects for each separate piece or both. I've also thought of maybe doing a 1 recital project with sub-projects.

    Any help would be GREAT!

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    It's Up to You

    It all depends on the level of detail and separation you think you need in order to focus, organize, and act. If the individual elements require a lot more thinking, organizing, and what not, then you should separate them out into separate projects. My practice is to bring sub-projects to the main level of my projects with a note inside the project that I have done so (see my What About Sub-Projects?). But if your individual elements require very little than finding the music, practicing, and playing each piece; then they probably don't need to become separate sub-projects.

    Hope that helps.
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      I'd treat each piece as a project. I'd create a separate Recital project (or projects) for any non-musical tasks associated with the recital: send out invitations, rent tuxedo, whatever needs to be done.

      I usually don't bother with subprojects because they just add overhead.



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        Recital checklist.

        I would create a Recital Project with checklist containing all related (sub)projects. So the list of Active Projects would contain:
        - Recital (folder with checklist, no Next Actions);
        - Recital: Send out invitations
        - Recital: Rent tuxedo
        - Recital: Do whatever needs to be done


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          Ok, so here's what I think I'm going to do. Since I've been successful with the project per piece plan, I'll continue to do that. However, I'll have a recital project with a checklist of the piece projects that I'll review weekly to make sure I'm not neglecting any of them.

          I was concerned about getting burnt out by looking at all the work for every piece by looking in one folder. That's fixed (separate projects). I was also worried that in separating I would not spend an equal amount on each piece. Also fixed (checklist with recital project).

          Thanks for the help guys! Time to practice...