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Poll: do you use your someday/maybe list for:

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  • Poll: do you use your someday/maybe list for:

    A. Things you are not sure (i.e. not comitting to) but may want to do eventually


    B. Things you are comitted to doing, but you have moved them here from the next action lists because it is not going to get done e.g. this week and moving it here helps to slim down those lists?

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    I am not sure why you would think it's B)? Not at all, actually, it's a combination of A) and something else: things that I know I will be doing just not right now - more like in a few months/years. Also, things I MIGHT do sometime in the future (maybe in a few months/years?) but definitely not right now


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      Poll re Someday/Maybe List

      Both! I have created two lists - "Someday" is for your option (B) items i.e. I definitely want to do this but am currently lacking a key resource (usually either time or money), and "Maybe" is for your option (A) items i.e. projects or actions I am considering but have not yet committed to.