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Back to back meetings limitations

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  • Back to back meetings limitations

    I have my week booked in advance. Today is Wednesday and I have no free slots till next Tuesday. Actually I have something like a free slot that is one hour processing time blocked daily. My next actions are mainly meetings. Of course I have @Computer actions but I either do them at the blocked processing time if time left, or book them in my calendar if that's very important. Then just imagine me calling somebody to agree a meeting for the next week. In this hectic non-GTD world they sometimes forget about that when this week passed What do you think is a better approach in this situation:

    1. Call them to make a meeting for the next week anyway (do NAs);

    2. Do not make any meetings later then the day after today (skip NAs);

    3. Any other ideas?

    BTW the second approach means that if I don't do any meetings myself they would be made anyway by other people like partners, customers ect... Please advice!

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    Schedule the meeting as usual. Call them a few days before to confirm.



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      Charge more.

      Originally posted by Borisoff View Post
      3. Any other ideas?
      Charge more for meetings with you. You'll reduce the number of meetings without reducing the income.


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        See if this helps:



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          You could schedule more and longer appointments for working at your computer. I agree with TesTeq about charging more for meeting time, as well.


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            thank you all for your ideas!


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              Originally posted by Borisoff View Post
              Any other ideas?
              • Ask yourself why I need to meet?
              • Delegate?
              • Give a value to each meeting referring to your goals? I mean to choose what's more convenient for you
              • Monthly forecast? This month could
              • Anticipate or cancel depending on a certain list of criteria?
              • Hire someone?