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How to ignite ourselves

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  • How to ignite ourselves

    Dear all,

    it was not impossible think to you when I read:
    The mind has an astonishing capacity to hop from one idea to the next, and most people have an average of 60,000 thoughts each day. About 59,000 of these thoughts, however, are the same ones we had yesterday. We think and do things repeatedly, and then we wonder why itís so difficult to create something new in our lives.

    But, I'd suggest to visit the website where I read it because you can find, also, 27 ways to ignite your life. Good things to be listed

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    I wonder how ...

    I wonder how such statistics are done. How can you count people's thoughts and find out which are the same again and again?


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      Well remember, 86% of all statistics are made up.


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        ....and 100% of statistics are correct 60% of the time...


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          ...for me the hot button was not the low precision of the statistic but a remember on how we can ignite ourselves.

          This is the story of the man pointing at the moon. There are people looking at the moon and other at the finger.

          I'm sorry I direct in the worse point the attention. I'll try to do better in the future!
          I was only glad to confirm us the naturalism of the several thoughts we feel grow every day, coming from ancient medicine like ayurveda and in the mean time share a list of interesting things that could help us, in the every day life, to ignite ourselves