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Area Of Focus - got any?

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  • Area Of Focus - got any?

    I'd like to see what other peoples Areas Of Focus/Roles/Areas Of Responsibility look like - I mean if it's not too personal of a thing.
    Structure; simple lists or statements?
    Partly interested in the scope of this 20,000 ft review stuff, but also have a bit of a feeling that I've left something or someone out.
    Didn't occur to me until now - but it would be appropriate for me to go first wouldn't it?


    Uh, O.k... Hang on though, I'll have to clean it up a little.

    Thanks, JC

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    For higher level planning i got a largeish mindmap. It's based on values(Nature, beauty, love, creativity, self-improvement) which branch out into just about everything that makes up my life.
    Getting to that stage was quite difficult, but very enlightening. I had been scribbling and mindmapping for some time, experimenting with visualizing and mission statements etc. Eventually it fell all into place.

    My areas of responsibility have turned out surprisingly different. I use omnifocus and use folders to contain areas. They are: Health; Personal Development; Education/Career; Finance; Simplifying; Home; Leisure&happiness; Computing; Family&relationships.
    Some of these have spun off other areas, eg computing came from home, simply because i have a lot of computer related housekeeping to do. Finance was under home as well, but has outgrown it. I can see a kitchen area developing as well. Simplify might disappear into Home once i am happy with my level of stuff.
    Basically they are categories of related tasks for me. They have similar considerations, and modus operandi, but often come from different values.


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      OK here we go - first post wouldn't allow an edit. Must've been thatmy stuff is too... heavy.

      Areas of Focus (20K ft view)
      (key life roles and responsibilities)
      Monthly Review
      [Ensure alignment with Projects, See also PM worksheet, System Opt Crit worksheet]

      Deepening relationship, openess, and reliance upon him. "Love from a pure heart, a clean conscience, and a sincere faith."
      There's nothing stopping you from a deep, abiding relationship with God. The thing in life you need to be good at is Listening to Him, and Obeying.

      Wife - Stay alive. What I mean is "don't die dude." Supportive in Parenting, Spiritual life, Her Business, Our Finances, Our Love life (persue the relationship), Her goals.
      Kids - 4 of them. Stay alive, support (financial, emotional, occupational (wrd?), encourage, instill confidence, discipline, love, teach; from tying shoes to interpersonal relationships,Positive unconditional support for your kids. Don't be phony - just be focused)
      Safety and Security (baby proofing the house to legal issues like wills and protection of assets.) Schooling (homework to tuition to PTA) Interface with their hearts. Put down your distractions and join them in their world. Show them stuff, beautiful stuff.
      Dad - Continue to learn from him and ask of him (that's good for him also you see), care for him in his old age.
      Sis 1 - Treat her like a sister
      Sis 2 - Spiritually and practically, help her the best you can... better.
      All of them - One of my roles is as intercessor and Pray-er My salvation isn't just about me. Responsible to family and loved ones to pray for them. Show a project and or task reflecting that.

      Upkeep/facilities managment (safety, maint, home environment,)
      Financial; Accounts, Checking, Savings, Retirement, College
      "Garage Items" (lack of better term); Vehicles, Tools,

      Faily operations and management of dept, upkeep of area, training, Data aquisitions, trend recognition, enviro reporting, inventory, MSDS…, occasional nudge in the side to Boss or other superiors re overall dept - long view. Other nasty duties as assigned.

      Health - spiritual
      Directional Fitness - [see Fit after 40]
      Inter-personal relationshipping…(what do I mean by that?)
      Personal Development - things of personal or character nature that've been noted which need work; self image (Goals of belief and behavior mod; operational efficiency, like procrastination issue...)
      Career goals -
      Creative Self expression (artistic, engineering/design, sculpt/digital paint/sketching)
      Progressive motion in realms of learning and/or aquiring, productivity, purpose, service to others - the need to be moving forward.
      Corporate or intercessory Prayer, Outreach, 12th step.
      Got any?

      Once a month I look at this list and ask myself how I'm doing in these areas of my life. I identify the weak areas, decide to make them better, clarify my outcome, and decide the next action. I do the same things with areas that aren't weak but I want to take them to the next level. - Ellobogrande.
      For the time being also include a quick glance at the Org System Critique tool and perform Org System Optimization if necc using the Org System Map.
      Look at each AOF. Got project? Got NA? Expected upcoming changes?
      And during the 20k, or maybe the 30k ft view "Do my AOFs excite me? Are they roles that still have my interest?" Have you been persueing the heart of your relationships?
      Wh roles, projects, tasks does this new faith work its way down through? The Spirit over intellect and Fit After 40 star, I mean.
      See (and update)How to on this review.

      So I just cut and pasted (lost most of the formatting also, sorry.) and italicized all of which is my review reminder "list" - the heart and soul of myself and my life for you all to judge and scorn, or laugh at... I did edit out the names of the innocent blah, blah, blah... also lost most of the formatting, please bear with it.

      You may note however some quotes in there from other influencial people here on DAC and items I've heard from "Connect" - those are there for me to see each month mainly as How To for this review.
      Most everything else is up for revision - thus the inquiry into other peoples closet contents.

      Thanks, JC


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        Originally posted by justin caise View Post
        ...the heart and soul of myself and my life for you all to judge and scorn, or laugh at... I
        Nobody's laughing, JC -- or judging or scorning, either. Your list is individual for you, and it may inspire others in creating or revising their own lists. You're a brave man. Courage and persistence!


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          I found out that you can find your areas of focus by asking the question "Who am I" and answering with a function or title. So I don't mean things like "I'm caucasian" or "I'm from LA" but things like father, husband, employee, neighbour, family member, (recreational) soccer player, a curious man, etc. These are al 'titles' that imply certain responsibilities, so by definition these are your areas of focus.

          Now, I do have some areas of focus like finance that are extracted from multiple of these (managing finances is part of your responsibilities as husband but also as father, etc)

          Anyway, after this short intro. Here are my areas of focus:

          - member of student council
          - career
          - finance
          - friends/family
          - GTD'er
          - floor responsible on my student residence
          - Health
          - Leisure
          - Materialist
          - Pers development
          - Student
          - member of student organisation

          Feel free to comment on/critize my areas of focus


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            Originally posted by justin caise View Post
            Structure; simple lists or statements?
            I'm now using Omnifocus and my AOF are top level folders under which I put my projects.

            Mine are:
            Family & Friends
            Manage our Farm Sustainably
            Personal Development
            Computers & Technology
            Keep a Comfortable House
            Work in my Community

            Some of those have additional folders under them that are more focused to keep similar projects together.


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              Cool idea! Here are mine. I don't necessarily use adjectives, as you can see; nouns make more sense to me for some of these roles.

              Trainer (at work)
              Webmaster (at work)
              Public Relations (at work)
              Working with kids
              Teaching (nights)
              Electronics Inventor