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  • Daily Mindmap Support

    In addition to my system, I have been using Xmind as a daily mindmap of things that have been happening. For example, one branch is PENDING which are things that have been handed off and I am waiting on. Part of the advantage of this for me is the short nature of these things. I KNOW that these will come back to me before the end of the day, but I just want a little structure under me.

    Has anyone else tried something like this as an ADD-ON to their system?

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    at work only

    At work, I try to get about 3 or 4 task done, wich I plan ahead.
    But I get about 20 tasks per day in for of emails, people walking into my office and calls, to do "imidiatly", or at least, asap.

    Sometimes these interuptions would make me loose my "thread", and before GTD, things did not get done, but were lost in space and time.

    Since 2 months I started using simple 2" square paper, and write down everything I do. I try to write it down before I start. These papers get stacked ontop of each other, as a sort of daily todo pile. Done tasks get marked, and are moved away. I review the pile multiple times a day.

    Everything that did not get done at the end of the day, will move into my system. so it will get done at a later time.

    Not perfect, but it works prety good.

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