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Context Issues

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  • Context Issues

    Hi there,

    I am really happy with the simplicity of my contexts. I have:
    Agendas (as I need them)

    Really, that's all I need.

    However, @home, I have 2 young children and a wife who is a stay at home mom. So when I get home from work, I am often with the children until dinner. Then we maybe have an hour together as a family before the bedtime routine. Then my wife and I have about 2 hours to do together things (watch a show) or work on our own stuff.

    So really my @home stuff is full of things to do when I'm not being a parent. I can't reply to emails when I've got a 2 year old pulling on my leg (but sometimes I do). It's almost like I have two contexts - @home and @kids.

    Which leads me to my next issue --- my GTD system is full of non-kid stuff. Like build fence, process photos, plan camping trip. However "Be a Kick-ass Father" is really important to me at my 20,000+ horizon.

    Anyone else have experience with this? I know The David doesn't have any kids so he wouldn't know how to tackle this one........and I also know that things will change as my young kids get older and more independent.



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    Do you have agenda items to go over with your kids? Maybe put the lists away and play with your kids? That could be the Most Important Thing. I still need to remember this myself.

    I dig the simplicity of your lists.


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      I think you've already internalized the projects and actions needed for that "Be a Great Father" Horizon of Focus. That's already moving along swimmingly. And good for you!

      You could certainly create a context for @Kids, for things that you want to remember to do with your children ("You know, we haven't gone to the park in a while....").

      However, I think this is definitely a HoF that doesn't need to be organized. Much like meals--we don't need Actions or a scheduled appointment to remind us to make dinner.

      Good on you!


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        Context devide your life

        I try to think about context as things that partition my life in to separate "spaces". The way you describe your situation I would say you definetly have a @home, @home-kids, @home-alone (the part after the kids went to bed, or are away) contexts.

        (The context names are not so good, but you know what I mean.)
        @home-alone would be where Build-Fence would go to.
        There might be things to do like mow-Lawn, oder gather leafs (in the automn) wich you could do while your kids are around. Some things might be good to do especialy when your kids are with you, just enjoy your time together.

        Huibert Gill