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  • Omnifocus tips and hints

    OK One thread to gather some of the tips and hints for users of Omnifocus.

    My latest one, adding the outcome for a project in the notes section at the project level. I'm only adding it as I review projects where the outcome needs to be described.

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    Tip on Creating Project Templates in OmniFocus

    There are certain projects that I do over and over but not on a set schedule, like travel to a certain client. I finally figured out a way to handle this in OF. I created a folder in the Planning View called Templates. Then I create a Project in that folder like "Plan Trip to ABQ" and include all the next actions —booking flight, hotel, rental car etc. I put that project On Hold so the actions won't show up in my Context view. Then when I need that project, I simply duplicate it and change the status to active. Now I have an active project with all the next actions already set up plus I still have the on hold project in the template for future use.

    I'm not sure how I managed GTD before OF and my iPhone but I can tell you it wasn't as fun.



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      OF Forum is a great resource for tips. Check out the Extras section - there are a lot of good plugins. One plugin allows you to duplicate Projects if it's a recurring project; for instance, you're a teacher at university and you have courses that you teach during the Fall section every year. You'd use the Populate Template Placeholders script (

      I haven't had a chance to use it because I don't really have projects that are recurring.