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Motivation recipes for 2009

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  • Motivation recipes for 2009

    in my previous message I pointed out that there were 3 areas that couldn't be cured by GTD: motivation, choosing of next action and doing.

    I tried clarification of next actions, higher levels clarification, asking why question at all levels (though with no success at 50K). A recipe I found when searching the forums was: "Well I started this thread and it appears the overwhelming majority agree that the cure to motivation is to get busy!" thanks to Anonymous from 2002!

    would love to here your recipes on how to add motivation as it seems the core issue for any problems with choosing or doing.

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    You can use the online GTD manager.

    All projects can be organized under Goals, and to each goal you can attach motivating pictures. Then have the reminder send you this "Vision Board" by e-mail each morning, and look at it for a couple of minutes. Clicking on a picture inside the email gets you to the list of projects in that goal, and then you have your Next Actions, etc.

    Hope it helps.


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      I have found that motivation clearly comes from how closely you are working towards your own personal purpose, vision, goals. Over the years I have slowly moved more and more into the direction that entices me, to where I feel my motivation rise even more.

      There are still ho-hum tasks and projects that I need to take care of in order to pursue my dreams. For those, I will often need an extra push. Best is then to feed into my competitive side and almost make a game out of it. One way is to do all tasks that take a certain amount of time or that are ealiest on my list. Another way is to track the amount of time I spend on these and see if I can keep focused for a particular time period. Other people may think this is silly, but it works for me.