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    At what level would reading, and starting, GTD be? 20.000 feet?

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    Hmm, very meta question.
    Setting up GTD, as in reading the book, setting up the boxes for your actions, and going through the first setup process, would be a project. Once you are set up, you tick the box.
    Maintaining that system and developing habits is more a 20.000 if not higher thing. Being organised, with whatever system, is definitely an area in life one needs to keep on top of. Getting black belt at GTD is usually a very long term goal, think a few years to get really good at it.


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      Originally posted by boino View Post
      At what level would reading, and starting, GTD be? 20.000 feet?
      Personally I think reading and starting GTD is a project.

      This project may be driven by higher-level outcomes. It really depends on what level you were contemplating when you realized that "Start GTD" became something you were commited to doing.

      For me it was a 20K thing - wanting to stay on top of my commitments at work and being sick of letting things slip through the cracks - that drove me to start GTD.


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        Since I got into "getting more done / getting more to be done" cycle using other methods, putting GTD on was, for me, a matter of survival... and I guess I have my Pareto's "80% result" with the "20% effort" I spent, so... I may not need all those years!

        Thanks Linada and mackiest!