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43 Folders: not quite enough!

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  • 43 Folders: not quite enough!

    So I finally got around to getting the folders set up for the big Bring Forward file, and I decided, heck, why stop there?

    So I created yearly files up to 2020.

    And I had this strange euphoric feeling, despite not actually doing anything. Just the feeling that I could remind myself when my driver's license expires in a few years, when my 40th birthday is coming, anything I might feel like I want to review in a few years or next decade... it was all very liberating.

    Just thought I'd share with the group. Anyone else have any clever or fun hacks on this?

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    Fabulous, Roger, but I can see in a few years, when this becomes common practice, various people getting all tied up in knots about how to combine the years-to-come with their S/M lists. Tweaks, variations, and helpful suggestions will abound. Be very afraid...

    But hey; it's a fine idea. I will probably try it myself. Thanks!
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      Year end reference

      I have a sheet of paper in December that has all the next several years worth of critical dates on it. Each December I look at it and make a note that I put in the appropriate folder for the things coming up in that year and scratch them off the list. If it's a recurring item it goes on Omnifocus.

      So far it's working


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        I, too, have a sheet in my Coordinator where I place those "far out" calendar items as well as reoccurring items. Works great!


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          Forty-Three Is Enough For Me


          When things are that far out, like drivers license renewals, etc. I just put them in the month folder to which they belong. My drivers license renews in June of 2013, so the reminder just sits in the June folder. Each year when I look in that folder for things that have to be done that June, I just see that the renewal doesn't happen this year and leave it in there.

          It worked fine in 2008 when it reminded me to go in for my last renewal.