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Should I wait to get started?

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  • Should I wait to get started?

    There is a very good chance that I will be changing jobs in the next month or two which might also very likely mean moving. I see some advantage to getting started with GTD at home now but I'm not sure if the time investment at work makes sense. Should I just get started collecting, processing and organizing at home and then just adopt the "next actions" concept at work until I know whether I'm leaving or not since it seems very likely?

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    Those who've used GTD for a while would probably agree there is no time like the present. In fact the process of moving jobs is a time when you'll get an unusual number of new projects on your plate - it's a great time to get those under the system.

    GTD works best in my experience when "Everything" is in there. And the way you've written your post makes it look like clear-cut procrastination about using GTD for the work related stuff. It may not be so, that's just the way I read it

    Go for it - what do you have to lose? And having everything in there will set you in good stead for finding / starting your next job or challenge in life. Good luck!


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      I second CoffinDodger's recommendation: there's no time like the present. You may not fully embrace GTD at work yet because of your pending transition, but why not at home and throughout the rest of your life. I would think having some of the basic habits in place around collecting, processing, organizing and reviewing when you enter this new phase of your life will only help you as a whole new set of responsibilities and projects come your way at your new job.

      Also, at work, you might think about starting a "Handoff projects/open loops" project or set of projects to ensure all your current work there is properly transitioned from you to others.

      However you do it, I would encourage you not to wait. DA says that the first think embraced in GTD is the Information then comes the Inspiration and onward to Installation and Integration. You've got the information and the fire of inspiration burning now. Don't lose that inspiration by waiting.


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        Start now with all of it. It will only make the moving and job changing process easier.


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          I'll echo the sentiment already posted.

          When you get all the new responsibilities of your new job, you'll look like a pro if you already have a system in place to collect, process, etc.

          Congrats on the new job!


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            Getting started very often leads to a very full garbage dumpster, which is a great thing just before moving.


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              Take the wave! Today! This is the real opportunity for yourself and welcome aboard!


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                Yes! Start today!!


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                  Do the math and start today.

                  Tomorrow you will say: "I should have started yesterday..." So do the math and start today.


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                    Start now. Doing the startup process in the middle of a life change/job hunt/move is actually really valuable: it lets you see where your attention is even as you're deciding where your attention should be.

                    Plus, once you've got a GTD system working, you'll be amazed that you even considered trying to manage something as complex as a move or a job change without it.



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                      After you start GTD you'll be wondering how you ever got anything done without it. If you're anticipating a hectic time during your possible transition then now would be the best time to start, yesterday would have been better though.



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                        The start is not the end

                        As I've heard it takes a few years to implement GTD and all of it's habits.
                        I think you will start (over) a few times anyway.
                        Can't tell you yet, I started 8 months ago, and feel I still have a long way to go.

                        It is never to early to start, and thinking about "later is a better time to start" is just a form of procrastination. So think about what is holding you back to make the jump into GTD, define the next action and execute

                        Have Fun!

                        Huibert Gill


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                          It does not take long to implement it, but like any way of life, it will take you a lifetime to practise it.


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                            Start now.