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Desktop/walllpaper processing chart

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  • Desktop/walllpaper processing chart

    As a designer, I just couldn't bring myself to work with the GTD inbox processing charts in the book and the few I've seen online. So I made my own which I use as my desktop image (wallpaper).

    I did a sort of corporate version and bit funkier version, figuring they might spark different attitudes or appeal to different people.

    If you like 'em, feel free to use them and share them. Just don't publish them or alter them without my permission. (And David's, no doubt!)

    They're not quite perfectly GTD gospel, but they've been working for me. I'd love to hear your comments!

    (I can't upload the big ones here since they exceed the file dimension limits, so I'll post a link to the full sized GTD desktop charts.)

    I re-posted them individually below. Much better! Scroll down and you can see the images. (Thanks TesTeq!)
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    Beautiful work, Josh. I think I will update my Anabubula wallpaper with yours. That new look can go along with my upgrade to Netcentrics GTD Add-in 3.0 today.



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      Try one picture per post.

      Originally posted by joshfreeman
      (If anyone knows how to make these visible here, please post a comment.)
      Try one picture per post.


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        Thank you, TestTeq! This is my first time trying to attach anything to this forum. And thanks to the rest of you for your kind comments!

        (For convenience of those who scrolled all the way down here: a link to the GTD wallpaper again.)

        Here's the sans-serif version:
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          And here's the serif version for you more corporate types.
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            Very rarely do I use other folks worksheets, etc, because I normally create my own based on preference, but this one is cool! I set it as my background just for a quick reminder of the basics (I should add that I'm trying to get my family brought up on these basics as well - so what a great tool)

            Very cool and thanks for a great idea.


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              graphicdetails, that's a nice compliment coming from someone who obviously cares about how these things look, as well as how they work. Glad you liked them!


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                Thanks for sharing Josh

                Thanks. Nice design. And thank you for giving source credit to DAC. We really appreciate that.


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                  Thanks, Josh!


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                    Kelly, I'm glad you like it...that means a lot! (And I can't imagine not giving you guys credit.)

                    And thanks, too, GTDWorks!


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                      Do you have a high res version available? I would love to use that!


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                        The links above take you to versions that are 1440x900 px. How high a resolution are you looking for?


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                          Originally posted by joshfreeman View Post
                          The links above take you to versions that are 1440x900 px. How high a resolution are you looking for?
                          Thanks Josh, I missed the link and only saw the attachments. It does pay to read the whole thing.