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The GTD plugin would be really cool if...

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  • The GTD plugin would be really cool if...

    Hey it's cool already I'm just hoping there's a way to do this:

    I use the project central for planning and working on projects.

    I create projects that are the same for each client so is there a way a project complete with sub projects and tasks could be saved as a template?

    Or even a way to copy and paste an existing and then change just a few details?

    This would be a real timesaver for me.

    Thanks for the wicked software already



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    If you use OmniFocus, there's a script that does this already. I haven't had a reason to use this script, but it definitely is useful when you have similar projects that occur on a regular basis.


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      I completely agree with you Mike. I would love to see a templated project option. In the meantime, I've created templated tasks with a list of all the next actions I will need to complete to move the project along. Not the easiest or fastest solution, but it's working for now.


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        Originally posted by lolajl View Post
        If you use OmniFocus, there's a script that does this already.
        Don't even need a script in OF to do that. I've got several project templates in a template folder in OF. I have mine all as inactive or on hold projects. I just select one when in project mode and do a command D to duplicate it. It ends up at the top level, I can drag it to wherever I want it and make it active. I usually change the project name at that time to reflect this particular instance of the project.