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Whatís my best next step?

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  • Whatís my best next step?

    Iím a fan of GTD and I try to follow GTD processing for my various inputs, with varying degrees of success. Iíve probably taken GTD and modified it a bit from itís purest incarnations and I'm making it work, but I have this nagging feeling that I donít know what I donít know and if I knew more or had some help or coaching or instruction I could tweak my system to become more efficient.

    So, I'm open to paying some money and getting some help but I donít know where to start. There are a number of options. Iíve read GTD and Ready for Anything, I've listened to some podcasts, and listened to some interviews David has done with Merlin Mann at 43 Folders and I'm a HUGE fan of the Inbox Zero concept. My life is fairly computer-centric, I run a couple different small businesses, get many of my inputs via email, etc.. Iím on a Mac and use OmniFocus and like it a lot but feel I could probably be better utilizing that tool, too.

    I see some interactive learning things, I see GTD Connect, and I'm just not sure where I should go from here. One thing I should point out is that I tend to have the kind of personality that LOVES to research and fiddle instead of actually accomplishing, so while I'd love to have the time to just dive in and spend countless hours learning about the process, I have these two businesses, a family, a life, and I need the instruction I get to be time efficient. I canít be spending an hour a day studying how to better do GTD, you know?

    I greatly appreciate any inputs any of you all have, thanks.

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    Well, for what it's worth, here's my 2 cents -- since you asked. You say you've "modified [GTD] a bit from its purest incarnation." There's nothing wrong with that, but I'd offer a caution that you don't deviate too far from classical implementation while you're starting out. As with learning any new thing, it's usually best to start learning the "standard" approach first. Then, when you've got the basics down, when you no longer feel like a "beginner", improvisation is good because you'll have a good feel for how the methodology is supposed to work. In terms of the "training" question, I guess it's a question of money vs time. I've been on GTD Connect for awhile now and find its wealth of information and resources plentiful and helpful. While I've not had any one-on-one coaching, I've looked into it. From that R&D, I did a cost/benefit analysis and, for me, GTD Connect was the best choice. I've got adequate time to do, as you say, the diving and learning. If your time is not so plentiful, however, and you have the money, I've heard David Allen's coaching team is outstanding. Finally, I'm a Mac Geek, too, and a user of OmniFocus. It's a fantastic tool.


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      thank you, sir.

      I just looked at the Interactive option and itís not available to individuals. If I look at coaching, it appears the only option there is bring someone out and go through the whole rigorous process and I donít want or need that.

      I just saw they do offer a telecoaching option but without any prices listed. Perhaps that might be a good option for me. I get the basics but have specific questions about implementation. And man, if I could find a coach that was actually familiar with and optimally using OmniFocus, that would just be awesome.

      My sense with GTD Connect is that I might be able to find the information I'm looking for, but it would be much less time efficient than being able to tell someone ďhereís my system, hereís what I do, now how can I make it better and easierĒ. They make a LOT of information available at Connect and it looks like a great service, I'll keep it in mind but I think I'll also inquire about the telecoaching option.


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        Originally posted by Conejo23 View Post
        My sense with GTD Connect is that I might be able to find the information I'm looking for, but it would be much less time efficient than being able to tell someone ďhereís my system, hereís what I do, now how can I make it better and easierĒ.
        Lots of people have used these forums for exactly that purpose. You'll probably get a wide range of advice, sometimes contradictory.



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          Just got an email back from the coaching folks. Coaching sounds great, but itís really pricey ($300 per 50 minute session, recommendation of 4 sessions). Not sure if I can swing that right now, might schedule a first one and then wait longer til the second.

          In the meantime, I'll throw out a few questions here on these forums and see if any of you good folks can point me in a proper direction. Thanks.