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Do you have any favorite podcasts?

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  • Do you have any favorite podcasts?

    I thank David and his staff for making a number of podcasts available at no charge. Iíve downloaded a bunch of them and am working through them and am just curious if others had ones they found particularly helpful. each one I've listened to so far is good, but some are for an audience that is new to GTD so there isnít a lot of meat on the bone for me, and others are more for people already immersed (or trying to be so) in the GTD process and those I've found more informative.

    Just curious if others have any particular favorites.

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    I love podcasts! Unfortunately, you will find that there are not very many in the area of productivity and GTD. There use to be one called "The Productivity Show", but there has not been a new one released in like 2 years. I use to listen to that one a lot. If you dig technology podcasts, I have a ton of recommendations - just let me know.

    One that you might want to scope out is done by the creators of Evernote. The link for that is:

    Bob Stanke


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      Hi Bob,

      I like the idea of podcasts but have found that most are so inconsistent that theyíre just not worth my time.

      But what I'm specifically asking about here are Davidís podcasts, not podcasts in general, and if anyone has any specific favorites of Davidís they found particularly informative.


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        Here are a couple of good onesÖ

        Here are a couple of good ones:


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          My favorite one's are the creative questioning series. I have gotten a ton out of those.


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            Thanks Todd, I'll check those out.

            12hour....where could one find those?


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              Originally posted by Conejo23 View Post
              Thanks Todd, I'll check those out.

              12hour....where could one find those?
              I apologize, they are in the GTDconnect members only podcasts. Their are a lot of awesome podcasts their. If you haven't already I fully recommend checking out the GTDconnect trial membership.


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                Thanks Brian. Thatís actually one of my actions for today, to initiate that trial membership. Will check them out.


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                  They make the membership truly worth it for me.


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                    Where to find audio on Connect

                    The Media Library index on Connect is a great starting place for the many hundreds of hours of content on Connect. The Creative Questioning series that Brian mentioned is a great one where David talks to Michael Bungay-Stanier about creativity.
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                      Todd, OK, I've established my trial and I found the audios to which you referred. But it looks like they are setup to only play natively within the browser, they are not setup as downloadable files, is that true or am I missing something?

                      Is all the audio this way? Hopefully not, that would be a problem for me. I never just sit at the computer and listen. Iíll load the stuff up on my iPod and listen to it while I drive, go for runs, etc....

                      What I was hoping was there was a separate iTunes podcast for GTD Connect that required login, but I'm not seeing anything there, either.

                      I can always play it on my browser and then record it with some software tools I've got, but thatís a pain in the butt. I would hope the company makes it easy to listen to these audios on the device of our choosing and doesnít force it to be done in a browser.


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                        Downloads vs. Podcasts

                        Hello Conejo23--

                        You are not seeing it because you are a trial member. I'm sure you can appreciate that we need to keep some of the crown jewels for members. We try to give our trial members as much of the experience of Connect as possible. As soon as you become a member you can both subscribe to the member-only content through iTunes and download whatever you wish that is available to download. I've attached a screen shot to show you what will appear when you are a member. If there is anything else we can do to support you, please contact us at
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                          Kelly, thanks, that is absolutely reasonable. Otherwise you could have people just download everything they could get their hands on during a trial.

                          The bummer for me is that it means because of how I listen to audio I likely wonít be able to listen to any of the audio at the site so will have little opportunity to judge if the content is worth the price. My suggestion would be to make a very limited number of downloads available, like half a dozen to a dozen of some of the ones perhaps a trial user might find most informative or enticing, that would encourage them to dig in deeper and purchase a trial. Enough to whet the appetite and give a taste, not enough to dissuade membership.

                          For me, I'll likely get little reviewed during my trial so the trial will largely be wasted. Ah well.


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                            I will say this, there is an impressive amount of content there. Itís kind of confusing, at least at first, but it would appear the folks that run this site have made a diligent effort to compile a tremendous amount of content. Iíve gotten value from listening to the free podcasts available to all on iTunes, so I'd imagine the Connect media is even more valuable.

                            Looks like I'll have to buy a monthís membership to really be able to listen to any of it the way my workflow demands, but just might do that.