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GTD templates and diagrams

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  • GTD templates and diagrams

    Wondering if anyone has created their own versions of any of the GTD templates or workflow principles--the sort of thing you keep on your desk when you're processing or doing a weekly review. The "Advanced" workflow diagram is the example I have in mind

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    I too would love to get my hands on any diagrams or templates. I purchased the Audible format of the book and franticly was taking notes at the beginning. I was exhasted by it an found that I wasn't really getting the jist until I decided to just listen to the 2 hour and 45 minutes. I will probably go back now and relisten to it this time taking the notes now that I understand the concepts.

    I have downloaded the Adobe files from Tools & Tips which has helped a bit.


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      they exist

      There's a lovely one here on this site, created by Scott Moehring, but I don't have the URL. It was mentioned in the forums -- perhaps you can find the link by searching, or maybe someone who knows where it is will speak up.

      The one I'm thinking of starts off at the top with two large arrows labelled "STUFF", going into a "Collect" box with 4 icons.




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        I did a Google search and found the diagram at:


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          Adv. Workflow diagram

          Very nice! Thank you to all involved in enabling it to be viewed. And, who is Scott Moehring?


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            GTD advanced workflow diagram

            Someone just suggested I Google my name and check out the buzz on the diagram I designed a few years ago. Wow! It sure has gotten around. I would be happy to discuss it with anyone. I have revised it over the years and will do my best to get it updated on the sites that are hosting it.

            Scott Moehring


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              Yes, very nice!

              Another version of the diagram is on Sylvia's GTD homepage.